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WEEK 26/10




To receive feedback on your learning please email your class teacher each day with a message as to how you got on. If you attach work or include photos of work they will be able to see how you got on.


If you would like Mr Smyton to see as well then please email him too:




The sound for today is 'air'



Today we are going to be looking at joining two sentences together with the conjunction 'and'. Sometimes our short sentences can be joined together to make one longer sentence. We can join two sentences with conjunctions, or joining words. Some conjunctions help you to add information to the first sentence. By using ‘and' you can then go on to provide more information.


Shakespeare in school: 


On 20 November 2020, hundreds of casts from every corner of the UK will take part, together, in one unique night of theatre in their schools. We’ll show the world how our children and our schools are the best hope for the future. With the UK’s theatres closed, Coram SSF will bring theatre to your school and keep creativity and drama on the agenda this autumn.


With this in mind, Year 1 are going to be spending two weeks in the run up to this date looking at Shakespeare and performing a movement piece to one of his works. We have chosen 'The tempest' because it links into our topic of islands and exploring very well especially in Act 1.

Miss Martin would like you to research all about who William Shakespeare was so that you have some idea of the man he was and a bit of background knowledge. Then fill out a fact file all about him.




The sound for today is 'er'


Today we are going to be looking at the Shakespeare play Miss Martin mentioned yesterday afternoon. Year 1 will be looking at 'The tempest'


Watch the video below and discuss it with your grown up. Then look through the presentation about the play.

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