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All classess - Topic and other activities


In today's music programme YolanDa meets a beatboxer.

Beatboxing uses your mouth ,lips, tongue and voice to make sounds.

Very interesting!

Can you beatbox?

Click below to watch.



PURPLE  MASH- we use this in school in our computer lessons.

Click on the link below to go on to Purple Mash.

Login details

username -children2


Don't worry if you are in year 1 or EYFS and it logs you as year 2. This doesn't matter.


Can you make a sunny summer picture?

Go to home 

Click on art

Click on 2paint a picture

In the middle row choose  pointillism.

Pointillism uses dots to make pictures.

Remember to use the slider to make your dots smaller and bigger.

Then create your summer picture.



  smiley Golden Time  smiley

Every Friday we have Golden time in school. We can choose what we would like to do , we do things like dressing up , playing a game , using the construction toys , colouring and sticking ,  relaxing in the reading corner and looking at books , playing with the animals etc.

Have your own Golden Time at home ! What will you do?

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