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Wed 1/4


Good Morning Year 1 laugh I can't believe we are in April already, this year is going so quickly! I can not wait to see the amazing learning you do this month.




I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all so far have gone in a super picture gallery so look out for your pictures there! Keep up the amazing work!


Yesterday when I got home from school, I made a sunshine picture to go in my window. I read somewhere that in the windows children are changing their pictures from rainbows to a sunshine to give you all something new to spot on your walks. Here is my sunshine picture.


Wednesday timetable

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin explain the time table for today.

Morning work:  In your yellow book can you try to draw and label these 3D shapes:

1) Sphere   2) Cube      3) Cuboid    4) Cone    5) Cylinder    6) Pryamid


If you are unsure of these shapes and need a little reminder, use this 3D shape mat to help you smiley

Phonics:  In your phonics buster books cna you complete page 8 (Consonant diagraphs) and page 11 (Vowel diagraphs).


There are some great interactive games on the phonics play website for children to play and revise their phonetic skills. Currently, the website is free for parents to sign up to if you log in using the user name: march 20 and the password: home. I am pleased that so many of you in your email updates have been saying you have been accessing the phonics play website, well done!yes


You could also play some different phonics games at :

Phonics work read aloud by Miss Martin

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin explain the pages you need to complete in your phonics buster books.

Phonics answers

Click this short video clip to hear Miss Martin reading the answers to pages 8 and 11. Don't forget your special marking pens!

English: From your white English pack look at the shape poems and discuss them with your Grown-ups. What do you like about them? What do you notice? What is the same in them all? What is different?

Copy your favourite shape poem in to your yellow books.


If you would like more information about shape poems, look through the attached presentation where you will find examples of spring themed shape poems and their key features. Looking at this will be useful ready for tomorrow's lesson.

Reading:  Make sure you read a book today or have a grown-up read you a story.  If you have read all your reading books from school, you can read some of the phonetically decodable comics online. These can be found at  Also, David Walliams (A well-known children's author) has given you the opportunity every day to receive a short audiobook from his collection of short stories from his book 'The World’s Worst Children!' You can access these at:


Try and remember to record all of your reading in your diary so that we can see how much reading you have done when we come back to school. I can't wait to see how much reading you have done at home!

Maths:  I would like you to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house or garden. I would like you to discuss the shapes with your grown-ups. Can you name the shapes you have found? Can you sort them into groups? You could sort them by shape, colour, size, number of sides...there are lots of differnt ways to sort them, be creative!


If you need a reminder about 3D shapes, Watch the short video clip below about different 3D shapes and things that they can look like. I have also put on some pictures of the 3D shapes I found whilst at school today to give you some ideas.

3D Shapes Song

Computing : Using Purple mash

(Log in : Year1    Password: Year1)   Please notice the capital Y and no gaps.


Click on topics, find animals and scroll down to paint projects. Complete the 'My animal' project and create your own animal. I want you to think about the animals group (Reptile, mammal, bird, fish or amphibian) and what it might eat (carnivore, herbivore or ommnivore) and wrtie a few sentences about it in your yellow books.

Special treat :   A few of you have emailed me saying you miss me reading the end of the day story to you...So today I have recorded myself reading a story for you. The story I have chosen is the very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle.




I hope you are sitting comfortably, Click the voice clip below to hear the story laugh

The very hungry caterpillar

School Updates