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Later this week we are moving to Seesaw, rather than email, for sharing our work and messaging and for feedback on our learning. Download the free Seesaw Class app from your app store or bookmark on your laptop or computer.

Your log in details will be emailed and texted to your parent/carer this week.

Follow the link below for video help with Seesaw.





Good morning Year 1! laugh

I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all have gone in a super picture gallery below so look out for your pictures there! I really like the video clips that you all send me of your reading, phonics and other things too! On a Friday Miss Martin will be putting together a section on the class page for all your videos to go in, so if you want to say hello to your friends or show off some amazing rading, phonics or other skills make sure you send me a video! yes


George and myself are really pleased you are all enjoying our phonics lessons we are putting on for you now. George likes it as he can learn, just like you! smiley I can't wait to see what amazing things you do today! laugh




The morning work for today is some multiple choice maths questions. You need to click on the link below to access the google form. Please do not forget to type your name in question 5 so Miss Martin knows who has completed the work.



In the video below Miss Martin and George are talking you through a phonics lesson just like the ones we have in school. In the video Miss Martin and George will introduce you to a new phase 5 sound each day and re-cap the phase 3 and 4 flashcards. For the lesson you will need either a whiteboard and pen or a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Enjoy! laugh

Phonics with Miss Martin and George



In English today we are going to be looking at some information and facts about scooters that we can use in our non-choronological reports. Miss Martin would like you to record any important or 'cool' facts you find on a piece of paper ready for tomorrow and Friday when we will write our reports. Below are some websites Miss Martin has looked at and thinks you will find lots of information about scooters on. Happy Researching!


Kick scooter - Wikipedia

Facts - The Scooter Guide (

10 facts about Scootering - fun and interesting Scootering facts (

3 Shocking Facts About Scooters – Mental Itch

The History Of Kick Scooters (


I can't wait to see what interesting facts you find out! laugh


When you have finished researching, Miss Martin would like you to use the below sheet to plan your non-chronological report. Remember this is only a plan so don't add too much detail or you will feel like you are repeating yourself when you do the writing part tomorrow and Friday.






BLUE WORK - back 1 step challenge

GREEN WORK - regular challenge

PURPLE WORK - forward 1 step challenge

These levels of differentiation, for some pieces of learning, will ensure that your child can access teaching and learning that is pitched correctly for them. If you are not sure which colour to do then please email Miss Martin to check.


Today in our Handwriting lesson we are going to be looking at letter families. These are groups of letters that are formed in the same way. The first letter we are going to be looking at is the letter y, this comes from the long ladder letter family.


Please complete the worksheets below and if you would like to practice the letter y and it's formation please access the letter join website by followign these instructions: 


click on the following link to access the website: 

The log in is as follows, username : tfps_2     password: thythorn2

(Please note there are no capitals in the password or the log in)


Once on the letter join website, please click on easy letters and you will see in the scrolling menu at the bottom letters, please watch how  the letter l is formed and then have a go on screen using your mouse.

Handwriting shown by Miss Martin



In PSHE today, we are going to be looking at feelings and the things that help us when we feel certain ways. Miss Martin has made a video below talking you through the presentation and worksheet, but has attached the presentation below if you would like to go through it on your own with your grown-up.


Once you have looked at the presentation, please complete the below worksheet.

PSHE lesson with Miss Martin

Miss Martin would really like to know how you have been feeling so far this week. This is linked to the work you have just completed in your PSHE lesson. Can you please click on the link below that will take you to a goolge form. On this google form you can tell Miss Martin how you have been feeling this week and why (if you know) and if there is anything she can do to help. Remember to write your name at the bottom of the form so Miss Martin knows who has answered the questions.



Whatever next read by Miss Martin and George

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