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Foundation Stage Maths and English

Today we are going to revise the ur sound.

Watch the short video and then have a go at the task underneath.

Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe - Episode ur

When an adult says these ur words have a go at writing them.

Remember to segment the words into sounds.








Have a go at the dictated sentence.

I can surf and turn.


This week our maths work is about putting numbers in order , comparing numbers and looking at missing numbers on a numberline , with numbers up to 10 and 20.

Write the numbers 0 - 20 on separate pieces of paper.

Start with 0 to 10.

Turn them over so you can't see the numbers.

Choose 3 each time.

Can you put them into order from the smallest to the largest?

If you are confident at this try doing the same with the numbers 0-20.

Talk about the smallest number and the largest number.

This week we are going to listen to some dreamtime Aboriginal stories as part of our work on 'Amazing Australia'.

Information for parents

The Aborigines are the first people who lived in Australia. Aboriginal people have lived in  Australia for more than 50,000 years. They have  a close connection to the land, to waterways, and to living things.  The Aboriginal people have their own  cultural practices, languages, and beliefs.The Aboriginal people have their own stories about how they came to be. These stories are part of the Dreaming, or Dreamtime. The Dreaming or Dreamtime is very important to the Aboriginal people. It is the basis for their history, their relationship with the land, and their laws. There are lots of different Dreaming or Dreamtime stories and they are all about the world , its animals and how the Aborigines believed the world came to be.

Today's story is called Tiddalick the Frog.

Watch the short animation that tells this Dreamtime story.


Tiddalick- An aboriginal story

Optional writing task

Draw a picture of Tiddalick or a picture from the story  and write a sentence to go with it.

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