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Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6


Let's kick off the day with some GPS fluency - how are you with subordinate clauses?

PE With Joe | Thursday 7th May

Moving onto Maths with:

Flashback Addition and Subtraction - Shape Puzzles Part 2, Y5 & Y6 - ignore the date on the front cover

Building algebraic thingink for children in Y5 and Y6 using shape puzzles. Some great opportunities for problem-solving!

Year 6 - Recap - Simplify fractions


One of the main informers about the many variations of animals (and plants) was Charles Darwin.

He spent a lot of his time travelling around the world looking at how animals and plants adapted to varying climates and environments, reporting his findings back to scientists. He collected extensive details about fossils, finches, flora and fauna - maybe he liked the letter F! laugh

Read the letter he sent after visiting The Galapagos Islands and then answer the questions below.

Now search on Google Maps, or a similar source, to find a map of The Galapagos Islands also showing where Great Britain is on the map. (If you have access to a printer you can print it off - or have a go at drawing your own outline).

Research 5 facts about the Galapagos Island.


Then find an image of Charles Darwin - use your sketching skills and see if you can draw his portrait - just head and shoulders. Use your research skills to create a fact file (postcard size) about Charles Darwin.


Next - find an image of a fossil and also a finch. 

A fossil is quite an intricate and mathematical shape to draw - have a go.

Find and list 5 facts about a fossil.


Finally - there are many variations of finches, they have a variety of beak shapes.

List reasons why you think the finch in the image you find has a beak shaped that way.

Now see if you can sketch a finch in as much detail as possible; detail the feathers, the curves, line and form of the beak, body and claws.

Complete the comprehension about finches.


'Quests in Epica' Chapter 7


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