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Thursday 2nd April

HI Year 2.

Ask your grown-up in a polite way , if they would be able to make you a hard boiled egg ready for tomorrow. It's not to eat! In Golden Time we are going to decorate the eggs for some Easter fun.


1. Complete page 9 of the handwriting booklet. Look carefully at the way the letter w joins to other letters.


2. Today we are going to do some work on  suffixes. To start with watch the short video below.

Suffixes ful, less, ly, able |

We are going to concentrate on the suffix    ful.

Look it only has one  l .

Remember it means 'full of or having'  So someone who is helpful is full of help.

1. In your exercise book change these root words by adding the suffix ful. Use neat handwriting and make that sure you can read them too.

I've done the first one for you.


2. Choose 5 of the words and put each one into sentence. Put each sentence on a new line. REMEMBER CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS.


help ------> helpful


















1.starter  join in with the months of the year rap.


The Months of the Year Rap

2- Yesterday we used our rulers to measure in centimetres.

Today we are going to use our rulers to draw lines.

Take a page in your exercise book and make sure that your pencil is nice and sharp. Remember to start at 0 and to work very carefully.


Read each question and draw the line. Write the length of the line underneath and make sure that you remember to write  cm


1. Draw a line that is 7cm long.

2. Draw a line that is 11cm long.

3. Draw a line that is less than 6cm long.

4. Draw a line that is more than 12cm long.

5. Draw a line that is less than 10cm but more than 5cm.

6. Draw a line that is double 4cm.

7. Work out the answer, then draw the line. 3cm+3cm+3cm=

8. Work out the answer than draw the line.  5cm + 5cm +5cm =

9. Work out the answer and draw the line . 10cm - 3cm =

10. Work out the answer and draw the line. 10cm + 7cm =



Click on the link below to take you to Oxford Owl where you can choose a book to read. 

Go to class login

class name - best

class password - class

Then click on the bookshelf and choose a book from ages 5-6 or 6-7 or 7-8.

You can follow the text as it is read to you or read each page then listen to it before you go onto the next page.

Design and Technology

Today I would like you to get creative and design and make an animal  pencil pot holder. You could use the inside of a kitchen roll , a small box, plastic bottle or a clean pot etc. Ask your grown-up to help you find something suitable. Use any bits and bobs to create your design.

Have a look at the examples below to help you with your ideas before you start. I would love to see some photos of your creations!!!

Examples of pencil pots

I think you can guess which animal today's part of the music is about. I love this little video. It also shows which instruments are being played.Enjoy!

Today's Riddle

Riddle - What letter of the alphabet has the most water?


Answer - The c !


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