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Wednesday 6th May

Good Morning Year 2! A funny song with actions to start the day.


Today we are learning about pounds and pence.  £    and     p

Begin the lesson by watching the very useful video below


Note for parents/helpers

You will notice that we do not use the decimal point for recording pounds and pence at this stage.

So if I had a five pound note and four ten pences I would write this as

£5 and 40p

If I had two pound coins and three one pence coins I would write this as

£2 and 3p.

Maths Questions

Complete the questions below in your exercise book.

I have also included a voice clip that talks you through the questions. So if you would like a bit of extra help listen to me explaining the questions before you start.

Click on the star for the answers.

Printable version of questions for those with a printer.

Need a bit of extra help - Listen to Miss Shepherd go through the maths questions before you start.

Challenge questions

You might want to talk through these questions with a grown-up.

They are a bit trickier.


Part 1

Spellings   So far this week we have had six Year 2 words to practise. Here are three more words to practise, they all have the ss ending.   Practise the new words and then see if you can remember Monday's and Tuesday's words. 


Monday                                  Tuesday                                  Today

would                       great                       class

should                      break                      grass

could                        steak                       pass

The next part of the lesson is about words that are verbs. Click on the video for a reminder.


Today we are going to remind ourselves about verbs. Verbs are doing and being words.They tell you about actions.

These are all verbs

sit     looking       like      run      am      clap



Can you sort these words into words that are verbs and words that are not verbs.

Make 2 lists in your book. I've started you off.

verbs                                                not verbs

hop                                                      pink


Words to sort

jumping        shout        chair         flag         read       soft


eggs      sleep       clean         blue          playing       sheep


grumpy     climb      digging       colourful       whisper       cake


Part 2 of English work

Today you are going to imagine that you are James in the very first part of the story,  chapters 1 and 2. 

Draw a picture of James and ask your grown up to draw you a speech bubble. Look at my example below.

Write in first person as if you are James and try to explain how you are feeling , why you feel like that and how your aunts treat you. Read my ideas to help you. 

Remember full stops and capital letters.

Think about all the English skills that we have learnt in Year 2. Make it interesting!

Look at my example


Today you can have free choice  on Purple Mash!

Click on the link to go on to Purple Mash.



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username -children2



This week our music programme is all about the electric guitar.

Click on the link below.

Time for our story. Chapter 16.

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