Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Learning 21st March 2022

Topic 9am


This week we are learning all about Leicester.


Talk to the children about what they like to do on the weekend and any special days out that they have had.


Use the Powerpoint which I emailed to you to discuss various places in Leicester.


Can anybody tell me where this is?


Has anybody visited this place?


What can you do there?


Allow children to discuss the various landmarks as a class.

Phonics 11:30


Go to and login using ThythornEYFS and password thythorn (no capital letter for the password.)


Go to Picnic on Pluto and select Phase 3 and then 'ng'.


Play the game and ask the children to read the word with you and then decide if the words are real or fake.


If you have time, repeat with sh, ch, and th.



Maths 1pm


This week we are looking at doubles.


Start with a warm up and ask the children to show you different ways of making numbers up to 5 on their fingers. Talk about the different ways that the children have made the numbers.


Then ask the children to show you an amount on one hand and then double it. Say the sentence together "double ____ is ____" and repeat up to double 5. You could then talk about double 6 and double 7. Does anybody know the answer? Ask why it is hard to find the answer using our hands. (We don't have enough fingers.)

Story Time 2:30


Select a book of your choice to share with the class.


Get ready for home time at 2:50.

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