Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Name Writing


Practise writing your child's name with them, encouraging them to either trace, copy or write it independenly.



 Today we are starting our new topic 'What a Wonderful World!'


Talk to your child about the world.


What is it? 


Have a look at pictures of the Earth online and explain that it is a planet; a ball in space.


Where do we live?


Explain that we live in England and that is a country on our planet.


Look at a world map and point out where the UK is. 


The UK is an island which contains England. Ask your child what the blue surrounding the UK is. 


Explain that an island is a place that is surrounded by the sea.


Ask your chid to make some artwork based on the Earth.



Today we are starting to learn our graphemes and phonemes, starting with S.


Show your child the letter S and ask if they know what it is.


Ask them to copy you saying it a few times: sssssssss.


Then ask them to find as many things as they can around the house beginning with s.


Finally, provide your child with lined paper and ask them to trace over your s letters, modelling that they start at the top and slither down the snake.


Once they have mastered tracing, ask them to try to write their own.



Today we are talking about counting and the final number we say when counting being he amount in total.


Watch the Numberblocks video and pause it at intervals to talk about what they are doing.

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