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Tues 2/6

SHOPPING LIST NOTE FOR GROWN-UPS - we will do something on Friday that requires a bag or two of Skittles (sweets)
Great work on the brainteaser.... 21 correct answers...(all Year 5!....come on Year 6!). The answer to 'what has a thumb and four fingers but is not part of a living thing?' was....GLOVE! Congratulations to Abi who was first with the correct answer.

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Wake up your mind and body by working out with Joe Wicks live at 9am or workout later in the day. Click below...
Here is a different kind of workout - try it to revise some skills...Decimals and Fractions Mash-up! Click below...

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► COMPUTING - programming


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A little bit of programming today.

Purple Mash log in for everyone: username: Year5 password: Year5 (note capital Y and no spaces)

Please watch the video below to help you get started...

► TOPIC - a little more about plants

Thank you for your emails and photos of the Science yesterday. I have added a couple below from Lewis and Mason. We are looking forward to seeing the finished results in a few days. If you missed it yesterday, go back and have a look.

We learned yesterday that plants have different parts. If we think about it for a moment....what parts of a plant do we eat?

We learned yesterday that we eat carrots....and they are roots. What other roots do we eat?

Can you make a list in your exercise book of parts of plants that we eat... I've given you a couple to start with. Can you think of 2 or more for each part of the plant?

ROOTS - carrots, ______

STEMS - celery, ______

LEAVES - ______, _______

SEEDS - _______, _______

FRUIT - ______, ________

FLOWERS - ______, ______

There are some clues in the video below if you need them...


Let's get a bit arty.

Can you create a brand new plant which is COMPLETELY edible by joining bits of plants we already eat into one new plant?

You could draw it and colour it...ROOTS, STEMS, LEAVES, FLOWERS, FRUIT and SEEDS or you could make it like this....



Flowers are a very important part of a plant. Let's learn why....

Watch the films below...


Talk to a you have a flower or two in your garden that you could pick... or could you go for a walk and find some?

Can you, very carefully like a botanist... maybe using some tweezers... dissect your flower and find all its parts?


Listening to someone read a story is a great way to relax and unwind.
We are lucky that, at the moment, we have some fantastic stories being read by famous people and excellent story-tellers that are wonderful to enjoy.

Choose a story from below to listen to. Choose somewhere to relax and enjoy it.

David Walliams is sharing his stories and they are funny...

Ancient Greek Myths: Yesterday I shared two Ancient Greek myths with you. Here are two more Ancient Greek myths to listen to:
Audio Library: Fancy something different? Visit our audio library where you can listen to a *HUGE VARIETY* of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.
Extra Learning Skills Experiences
yesSPELLINGS - practise your spelling list that you made yesterday


Let's all rise to the challenge and make our book cover.....come on, give it a go...Year 5 and Year 6!

Email me your pics.
Here is one I received yesterday from Alfie...well done Alfie, I will add it to the video soon!

and here is the video so far....let's add yours!!!!

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