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Wednesday 1st April


A lovely song to start the day. You can sing along and look at all the lovely photos of animals!


  • Today we are going to complete a reading comprehension about sharks.

Read pages 15 and 16 on your own or with a grown-up helping.

Answer the questions on page 17.

  • You could draw a picture of a shark in you exercise book and label it with your ruler.

eye    mouth   head   teeth    tail    gills   dorsal fin   (this is the one on its back)




Watch the short clip to remind you how to measure in centimeters.

Measuring Length in Centimetres

Mathematics learning video.

1. Use the ruler that is in your learning pack to measure the length of objects in your house. Make sure that they are things that are shorter or equal to the length of the ruler.

Measure at least 10 things and record them in your exercise book , like this


nail file = 17cm


Measure to the nearest cm for objects that are not exactly whole cm.


2. Then answer these questions.

  • Which object is the longest ?
  • Which object is the shortest?
  • Choose 3 objects and find their total length? (Remember total means +)
  • Can you put the objects in order from the shortest to to the longest?
  • How many objects did you measure that were less than 12cm?
  • How many objects did you measure that were more than 20cm?



Another part of Carnival of the animals.

Did you listen to the song at the top of the page?

It is about being a good friend and being there for other people. This is so important at the moment, we need to be a good friend to the people we are living with.

Today I would like you to think about what makes a good friend and make a poster like the examples below. They have the heading , The key to being a good friend, what does it mean to be a good friend?

I drew around a key 8 times and then started to think of words that I felt were important like kind and helpful.

You can do this on a page in your book, or take a double page or make your poster on paper. Make it bright and colourful!

I'd love to see some photos of them!

The animal today is......

A story for the end of the day. The Smartest Giant in Town.

Another of Miss Shepherd's favourite books..

Today's riddle


Riddle- A red house is made of red bricks , a blue house is made of blue bricks, and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks. What is a green house  made of?


Answer - Glass (greenhouses are where people grow plants and they are made of glass)




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