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Fri 27/3


Good Morning Year 1 laugh I am pleased to say you've made it to FRIDAY! Do you know how amazing you are? You have made it to the end of your first week of home learning...Well done! yes


I hope you are all well and are continuing to work hard at home for your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all so far have gone in a super picture gallery so look out for your pictures there! Please continue to send them to me and if you haven't sent me any yet...Please do!


I am so glad you have had lovely weather all week and that the sun was shining so could go outside in your gardens or for walks to get some fresh air. I hear a lot of you have been out on your scooters, bikes and trampolines...keep it up!  Yesterday, after school I went for a walk with my dog so we could both get some fresh air and exercise. Here is that picture I promised you all, there are two from our sunny walk and one from when we got home and she is resting in her bed with her favourite toy 'Mr tiger'.



Friday Timetable

Click to listen to Miss Martin tell you the timetable for today

Morning work: In your yellow books, can you copy these sentences adding in the capital letters and full stops. Don't forget to use your best Year 1 writing when copying the sentences.


1) the dog is lazy        2) the grass is green    3) it is sunny today     4) the cat sat on the mat

Morning work sentences read aloud by Miss Martin

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin read the morning work sentences to you.

Morning work answers - so you can self mark

Click the voice clip to hear Miss Martin talk you through the answers to the morning work. Don't forget to get a marking pen so you can self mark them. If you got them right give them a little tick.
Phonics: In your phonics buster books complete page 4 (Letters and sounds -part 1). Also I would like you to practice some tricky words today, these can be found in the video below. Can you sing along tothe video and write a few of them down in your yellow books.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Phonics work read by Miss Martin

In this short clip you can hear Miss Martin explaining and reading through all of the sounds on the Phonics buster page she has asked you to complete. I hope you find this useful.

Phonics buster answers - so you can self mark

In this short video clip Miss Martin is reading through the answers to the phonics buster questions you have just answered so you can self mark the questions. Don't forget to grab yourself a special marking pen.

English:  Looking at the draft ideas you wrote yesterday in your yellow books, I would like you to use the newspaper template in your white English packs to write a newspaper article about a tiger who has escaped from the zoo and eaten all the food in Sophie's house. Remember to use the things in the newspaper article checkilst to help you write your article...You can look at this video to help you remember how to write a newspaper and all about the key features...I hope it is useful

Year 1 Newspaper Report Features

This video is aimed at teaching Year 1 children about the key features of newspaper reports.

* THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA By Judith Kerr * Audio book with SOUND EFFECTS* Audio Book *

Use this video to give you ideas of things to put in your newspapers about the escaped tiger who visited Sophie's house.

Maths:  Today I would like you to go on a number hunt around your house and garden. How many numbers can you find? Explore your house and/or garden and record the different numbers you find in your yellow books. With your grown-up talk about the numbers you find and how you could compare them using language such as 'smaller and larger'. Can you order them from smallest to largest and from largest to smallest? Can you think of any other ways to sort your numbers? Can you have a group of Odd and Even? Could you have a group of under 10 and over 10? The possibilities are endless, be creative! You can send me pictures of your number hunting and sorting if you wish.


Bonus maths work: For all you keen mathematicians (and I know there is a few of you!)  Carol Vorderman has now made her activities free to home learners too! Aren't we lucky! Make sure you access the explorer level which is for Key stage 1 children.


Create a login, then access the parent zone or pupil zone for maths topics, games and fun! There's plenty of virtual rewards and you can keep a track on how you are doing.

Show and tell: On Fridays in Year 1 after lunch we do show and tell to help improve our listening and speaking skills. This week, I would love you to send me an email telling me some of the things you have been doing and send me some pictures of you completing your work or enjoying the sunshine. I look forward to hearing all about your week! laugh


Remember my Email is

Golden Time! -  On a Friday afternoon in Year 1 we have GOLDEN TIME!

I think you will agree with me when I say that this week has been very different to the normal weeks at school, but more than ever I think you have deserved your golden time. Play, be creative, make things, dress up, tell jokes and let your imagination run wild....You are amazing Year 1 and I am proud to be your teacher! smiley





Enjoy your weekend Year 1 - Hopefully the sun will still be shining for you and you can have lots of fun outside in the fresh air and enjoying time with your families. I will be back on Monday morning with more home learning for you! Stay safe and stay healthy!laugh

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