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Foundation Stage Maths

This week is all about adding and subtracting.

Today we are going to use objects to add two numbers and find the total.

This little video shows a Foundation Stage teacher modelling how to add 2 numbers using objects. It would be really useful to have the numbers 1 to 10 written on pieces of paper and a some objects such as pieces of pasta , small toys  , lego bricks etc.

1 - Watch the video.

2 - Make some addition sentences just like the teacher did in the video using your objects to help you.

Grown-ups please draw the boxes and signs for the children. They can then complete the number sentences by choosing numbers , getting the correct number of objects and finding the total.

3 - Talk through the questions with your child.

(Remember the equal sign means the same as , so 4 + 3 =7    4 add/plus 3 is the same as 7...... it equals 7

Use the words total and altogether.) 

Miss Gray is adding!

A short video to teach Foundation Stage children all about adding numbers together!

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