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Parent Partnership

We are proud to announce that we are currently working towards the LPPA Parent Partnership Award. During  the next few months. We are proud of our relationship with the parents and families of our children and welcome any feedback with regards to what we do for parents and carers at Thythorn.


So far we have:

  • Embedded Tapestry to provide parents in EYFS with up-to-date insight into their child's learning
  • Held Maths and Reading mornings for all years groups so that parents can see how they key subjects are taught 
  • Held workshops in a variety of year groups so that parents are aware of expectations and how to support at home
  • Formed a new PTA (Friends of Thythorn) with which we work closely to raise funds for our school
  • Sent out surveys so that we receive feedback about our progress from parents
  • Started using Twitter as a form of communication for adults at home
  • Held a consultation with all stakeholders about our curriculum and introduced Building Learning Powers to provide children with life and learning skills
  • Organised a forum for parents to come and discuss how we can improve
  • Utilised a tool so that we can translate documents for parents
  • Created displays which celebrate our vision and parent partnership
  • Added a translation tool to our website to support all parents in receiving information


Moving forward we will:

  • Introduce an online platform for Years 1-6 so that parents can receive learning updates
  • Provide outdoor signs so that visitors can see clearly where to go around the school
  • Re-evaluate our induction process for EYFS
  • Use an online platform to share videos and activities weekly in each class



Please see below our current LPPA Action Plan.

Below are the results of our Autumn Term 2019 Parent Survey

School Updates