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Week 5 - Home learning photos. Brilliant!

Well done Hollie! All correct.
Fun on the scooter!
Samuel's moving picture! Great work.
What are the aunts like? by Ava
Ava's super moving picture.
9 out of 9. Well done Arlind!
Super writing Ava!
Having fun riding a bike!
Wow! Look at Hollie's carrot top!
Electric guitar time.
Learning about the guitar with dad.
Ava used Smarties instead.
A beautiful pattern by Ava.
Ava's carrot tops.
Ava used the swirly tool on Purple Mash.
A brilliant life cycle by Ava.
Brilliant money work! Look at all that money!
English work about verbs.
Matilda's super money work.
Well done Matilda. I spot commas in a list!
Matilda's super moving picture to show pollination
 A fantastic moving picture to show pollination!
Working hard!
I think I'll put my uniform on!!
Matilda's paper towel work.
Super phonics work!
Using the swirly tool on Purple Mash.
Super money work Remington.
Great concentration!
Skittle time!
Ariellle's skittle arrangement.
Well done Arielle. All spellings correct!
Wow! A beautiful pattern Arielle.
Look I've dyed some of my hair red!
Very Cosy!
A super life cycle by Arielle.
What a costume!
Esme out on her nature walk!
A pretty butterfly spotted by Esme.
Beautiful, Esme!
Trying hard with the paper towel work.
We've built a pond.
Let's put some fish in our new pond.
A good design.
Wow! Great hair!
Ha! Who has got a mohican?
Matilda's science work looking at seeds.
Remington's toy has been helping him!
Super work Remington.
Neat handwriting Remington!
Great paper towel work by Remington.
Busy at work!

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