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Fri 3/4


Good Morning Year 1 laugh  I am pleased to say you've made it to FRIDAY! Do you know how amazing you are? You have made it to the end of your second week of home learning...Well done! yes You are a class of resilient rangers, preserving when things got tough...And look you've made it to the end of the Spring term! Amazing! After today it's time for a two-week rest to relax and recharge ready for the Summer term...We can do this! laugh Happy Easter!




I hope today you continue to work hard at home for your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all so far have gone in a super picture gallery so look out for your pictures there! Please continue to send them to me and if you haven't sent me any yet...Please do!laugh


 I am so pleased to hear you are all still keeping active, if not with Joe Wicks but by other ways. A few parents/children have said you are getting bored of Joe Wicks so as a suggestion why don't you try cosmic kids yoga (youtube) or BBC dance let's move (BBC website) instead as these will help you to stay active in a different way. Yesterday, after school I went for a walk with my dog so we could both get some fresh air and exercise and we went to pick some things up from my Mummy's work for her. I also baked a delicious banana cake with the help of George. He was very helpful! Here is a picture of our adventures to show you.



Friday time table

Click this voice clip to hear a quick message from Miss Martin and to listen to today's timetable

Morning work: In your handwriting books can you complete pages 49, 50 and 51 about number formation of the digits 0-9 and tracing the numbers.


I have included this today as a few of the grown-ups in their emails have said you are forming your numbers backwards, so I think we need some practice...But remember practice makes perfect! laugh

Phonics: In your phonics buster books please complete pages 9 and 10 about consonant digraphs. I would also like you to practice some tricky words today, these can be found in the video below. Can you sing along tothe video and write a few of them down in your yellow books.


There are some great interactive games on the phonics play website for children to play and revise their phonetic skills. Currently, the website is free for parents to sign up to if you log in using the user name: march 20 and the password: home.


You could also play some different phonics games at :

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

Phonics pages explained

Click this short voice clip to hear Miss Martin explain the phonics pages for today.

Phonics answers

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin reading the answers to the phonics pages from today. Don't forget your special marking pens!

English:  In your blue English pack look at pages 10 and 11 about how to make pancakes. Read through the instructions and then answer the questions on page 12.


If your grown-up has the ingredients you could follow these instructions to make your own pancakes! Yum Yum! Here is a quick recipe from BBC good food :


Here is a picture of some pancakes I made at home using the above recipe...They were very tasty laugh If you make some with your Grown-ups I would love to see them!


Pancake sheet explained

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin read through the task and questions.

Pancake sheet answers

Clcik this short voice clip to hear Miss Martin reading through the question and answers to the pancake sheets. Don't forget your special marking pens!

Maths:  Today I would like you to complete the sheets in your white maths packs called 'Counting in 5s deep dive' and 'groups of 5 word problems'


Bonus maths work: For all you keen mathematicians (and I know there is a few of you!)  Carol Vorderman has now made her activities free to home learners too! Aren't we lucky! Make sure you access the explorer level which is for Key stage 1 children.


Create a login, then access the parent zone or pupil zone for maths topics, games and fun! There's plenty of virtual rewards and you can keep a track on how you are doing.

It's a Count by 5 Fitness Fiesta | Count by 5 | Jack Hartmann

Count by 5's song. Fitness Fiesta is a great skip count by five's song. Sing along and move along! I want to hear you all the way from your houses to school!

Maths questions read through

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin read through the questions for the maths problems today.

Answers to the maths problems

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin talking you through the answers to the maths problems. Don't forget your special marking pens!

Topic (Science):  In your Science booklet I would like you to complete pages 3,4 and 5 about animal sorting.




The only group missing from this poster is Amphibians....but you know lots about them!


Topic explained

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin explaining the topic work to you.

Topic answers

Click this voice clip to hear Miss Martin talking you through some of the answers to the topic work. Don't forget your special marking pens!

Show and tell:


I would love you to send me an email telling me some of the things you have been doing and send me some pictures of you completing your work or enjoying the time spent with your families. I look forward to hearing all about your week!laugh


Remember my Email is




Golden Time! -  On a Friday afternoon in Year 1 we have GOLDEN TIME!

I think you will agree with me when I say that this week (just like last week) has been very different to the normal weeks at school, but more than ever I think you have deserved your golden time. Play, be creative, make things, dress up, tell jokes and let your imagination run wild....You are amazing Year 1 and I am proud to be your teacher!



Special treat :   A few of you have emailed me saying how much you loved me reading a stroy to you over the past few days so I will continue to do this for as long as we are away from school. The story I have chosen today is one of your favourite books from the classroom and my favourite book from when I was your age....The Rascally Cake by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul. Enjoy! laugh



Rascally cake by Jeanne Willis and Korky Paul - Read by Miss Martin

Enjoy your Easter break Year 1, you have definitely earnt it! Hopefully the sun will be shining for you and you can have lots of fun outside in the fresh air and enjoying time with your families. I will be back on Monday 20th April with more home learning for you! Stay safe and stay healthy!


For those who want it, there will be some Easter homework on the class page for you to complete so we can keep things as normal as possible. Happy Easter! Have a super break!

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