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Friday 24th April

Good Morning Year 2!

Look carefully at Miss Shepherd's carrot top. Can you see the tiny green shoots? What do you think will happen over the weekend?

Before we start today's work here are some things that would be useful to have at home for next week.

  • A bag of skittles - not to eat!(For Tuesday)
  • A packet of seeds. Easy to grow ones eg - peas , lettuce , sunflowers etc.
  •  A few different pieces of fruit (to look at the seeds)
  •  Four sticks  about pencil length and some wool or string (for art on Thursday)

A little assembly. First learn the signs to the song 'You are my Sunshine' by clicking below.

Now join in with the song by clicking below and see if you can do the signs.


Today try and complete the rest of your Jack and the beanstalk story. 

It will be useful to go onto Thursday's page for this work so that you can remind yourself of the things you need to try and include and you will also then have the word sheet to look at.

If you don't manage to finish it then make sure you come back to it next week and try and get it completed.

Look at your story map to help you. You could also listen to one of the stories again from earlier in the week. 

Remember to get the list of Year 1 and 2 words out (page 127) so that you can spell these words correctly. When you have finished you could illustrate your story with some pictures.



Have a go the questions. Remember to DRAW TO BE SURE  if you need to.

Then click on the star to check your answers.

Maths starter

Maths main part of lesson

Today we are going to complete one more online lesson.

I would be interested to know how you feel about these lessons. Do you like them?

Are they easy to follow? etc. Let me know.

Today's lesson is about symmetry and follows on from yesterday. Click on the link below to start.


EXTRA - if you would like some more things to do these pages in your booklet link to this weeks maths work.They are all  fun things to do.

page 32 - shape hunt.

page 33 - drawing a picture using 2d shapes.

page53 - 2d shape picture

page 57 - spring lines of symmetry

Make some symmetrical shapes by folding paper and cutting out shapes . Put on the line of symmetry.

For those of you who prefer working with numbers

page 68 , 69 and 70 - extra practise on different areas of maths.




Every Friday we are going to have a geography lesson using the BBC clips daily lessons.

We are going to go over different skills and knowledge for Year 2 children.

Today we are learning about the countries of the UK .

Click on the link below.

Keep scrolling down as there are lots of little clips to watch and bits of information to read. It ends with a couple of games to have a go at.


1- If you want to do some work in your book about the UK , ask a grown-up to split a page in your book into 4 equal parts and then put the heading , England , Wales , Scotland , Northern Ireland on each part.You can draw pictures about the different things you have found out about or already know in each part.

2 - Ask a grown-up to show you a map of the UK or go on Google maps and have an explore around the UK. Can you find London and Leicester?



For part of the afternoon on a Friday we have Golden Time. This is our special time in the week when we can choose what we would like to do. We use construction kits , colour in pictures , use glue and sellotape to make things, go on the computers and have  free choice on Purple Mash , play with the dolls and action men , sit and share books, sometimes use the dressing up clothes , use the plasticine etc. etc.

So have part of the day for some Golden Time at home. What will you do? 


Time for our story

I hope you are enjoying listening to James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl.

Before you listen to the next part talk about these questions with your grown-up.(no writing needed)

1- Can you name the characters that we have read about so far ?

2- Can you remember why James had to go and live with his two aunts?

3 - What did the old man give to James?

4 - What happened when James fell over?



Chapter 6 and little bit of chapter 7 - James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl.

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