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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Miss Kaur’s morning greeting

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Our lessons for today: 

Morning work - sentence building 

English - Plan a story 

Maths - Decimals 

Topic - Viking Battle Armour 

Wellbeing Wednesday 

Story - David Walliams - FING


Out of curiosity, who is still keeping a daily diary? 


PE With Joe | Wednesday 6th May

Morning work 

Take the sentence I have written and improve it using all the skills you already know.

e.g. pronouns, adding extra adjectives, creating a noun phrase, using adverbs or imperative verbs... 


For example, 

The laptop died as she pressed 'save'. 


You could change this to... 

Unfortunately, the old, unreliable laptop flashed a warning 'battery at 7%'. Suddenly, the screen went blank as Miss Kaur was pressing send. She sighed in frustration as she wasn't certain if she had saved her work or lost it forever... 


Have a go on these three sentences; 

1. The tree fell on its side 

2. The car stopped. 

3. The children ran towards the door. 


Today we are going to think about a story that can take place at your Isle of Berk or your Viking Village. 

I have included some pictures that will help you think of what a Viking Village look like, and will show you my story mountain for the adventure that takes place. 

REMEMBER: We will not write our story until tomorrow...

Miss Kaur’s help

Click to hear my planning process

english 2.mp3

Miss Kaur’s example


Today we are going to look at how to represent a tenth on a place value grid, so that you can gain a better understanding of how one tenth is part of a whole. 


Please go through the powerpoint presentation and choose the option sheet you would like to complete, you do not need to print the sheet out (the answer page will be at the end of the pdf). 

I have not included an extension today... please email me if you would like one. 


Today we are going to learn about Viking Warriors! 

First I want you to go through the BBC Bitesize link first and then complete the reading comprehension. 

Wellbeing Wednesday 

During this time, it's really important that you keep positive, I would like you to spend the next 30minutes doing something you love/enjoy. 

However, this week... I want you to do something that does not involve a screen (i.e. nintendo DS/Switch, playstation, xbox, TV, laptops or tablets!) 


Play a outside 


Play a board game 

Play a card game

Have a dance 

Build something using building blocks/lego

Plan a picnic or outdoor event 

Build another den/obstacle course (I know a lot of you loved that) 


Write a letter to a friend or grandparent 



Whatever you choose, enjoy! 

Remember I love to know what you've been up to, so please feel free to send me a quick email letting me know how you spent that time. 

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