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Thursday 25th February

Zoom session today at 11am

Today's focus is multiplication and the 2,5 and 10 times tables.

We will recap on counting in 2s , 5s and 10s and how we can work out

multiplication questions. This session will benefit those children who need

a bit of extra practise.

I will send the link on Seesaw this morning.



Please make sure that you  send your daily work to Miss Shepherd on Seesaw.

Thank you.


►Good morning and today's timetable

Good Morning Year 2


► Reading

Today we are finding out about 'The Wright Brothers' 

To start off our learning complete the online quiz. Read the text carefully and answer the questions.

How many points will you score? Remember to submit your answers so that I can see them.



1. Join in with the maths starter.

2. Watch the teaching video and complete the questions.

3. Stretch your brain and complete the maths challenge.

(Purple level should be aiming to complete the challenge)

Maths starter



1. Look carefully at the picture.

2. Question time - Talk about the questions with an adult. (no writing needed)

3. Sentence time. Make the sick sentences better. 


Miss Shepherd goes over the English lesson , see below.

English lesson

Today's picture. Meet Toby the dog.

Question Time - remember this is a speaking task , no writing is needed for this part of the work.

Why does Toby live at the foot of a tree?

Why does he live in a forest?

Who else lives there with him?

What do you think it’s like living in a forest?

What does he do in the forest?

Where is his owner?

Who built his house?


Sentence Time - Make the sentences better by improving them. Can you use adjectives in a list ? Make sure you include commas in your list. Can you think of better words to replace big?


The tree was big. It was covered in moss. There were leaves on the ground.




Today we going to be learning about 'The Wright Brothers' .

Have you completed the reading quiz  at the top of our class page? This was a little start to finding out about these two brothers that invented the first aeroplane.

1 - listen to Miss Shepherd explain the work.

2- read the fact sheet with an adult.

3- watch the short videos about the Wright brothers.

4- complete the task.

Miss Shepherd explains the topic work

Click below for a fact sheet all about the Wright brothers.

"Great Inventors: The Wright Brothers"

Biography of the Wright Brothers for Children

Click below for your topic work.
A photo of Orville and Wilbur Wright.



This continues on from yesterday's PE lesson. Click below

to take you to the PE lesson.



Click below and join in with the music lesson.

It's all about rhythm and pulse.



Story time: The Strange Old House

School Updates