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Bank Holiday - VE day 75th Anniversary

As today is a Bank Holiday, the school is not setting any specific learning.


Don't forget the VE day zoom party today for Year 1 at 11 am for 30mins!

If you need the meeting details again, please email Miss Martin.



If you would like to carry on your learning about VE day please do as today is all about celebrating this day. If you have completed all the tasks from yesterday and would like some more VE day things to complete, Twinkl has also put together an EYFS pack (which is suitable for Year 1) with lots of activities to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Follow this link:


However, If you wish to carry on your normal school learning, you can access any of the past few weeks home learning tasks on each day and catch up with things that you have missed or things that you would like to finish off.


Have a super weekend, I will be back on Monday with lots of new and exciting learning opportunities for you. Stay safe and stay happy laugh



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