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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Year 6 - we are half way through the week already!

I hope you are spending lots of time outside and getting fresh air.

Please e-mail your photos of funny and crazy moments, active work activities, plus your writing from yesterday if completed. laugh

A few people online, on Jane C's website, have mentioned that yesterday's film clip left their children emotional . It is definitely an upper key stage 2 - Y6 film clip, not suitable for KS1 .
But there is hope at the end; she begins to knit him back together, is not successful, but then perseveres and begins to knit again... I think we are to read into that, that there is hope she will knit him back together because of her perseverance and the struggles she conquered and revealed earlier in the clip - they will be reunited. heart

Recap and consolidate your number security - Four Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6 (ignore the date on the front cover)

This video introduces the Four Numbers Challenge: will you be able to find all the possible answers? A great challenge for Y5 & Y6 children!

If you expand the screen to see the maths clip more easily, then double click on the screen it will bring up lots of other maths work you can try - do not go forward with the dates as we may be doing these in the future, but by all means go back to earlier dates and have a look at his previous maths thinking and maths questions . wink Go on, you know you want to! laugh
If you don't manage to finish the maths tasks, don't worry you can come back to them later in the day - the same as any other activities posted on the website so far - if you don't finish them in time to do Joe Wick's exercises or Jane Considine's writing which are either LIVE links, or have time constraints; so you need to be there at the correct time - you can come back and finish incomplete tasks later in the day. laugh

Wake Up, Shake Up - PE With Joe | Wednesday 22nd April

Today's writing task - remember 9 lines is the minimum - we all manage 9 lines, but if you wish to write more, or complete 2 chunks please do! I'd love to see a photo of your writing.

There are many film clips and writing tasks from last term if you wish to go back and try some others and hear all of Jane's tips to become a better writer.



Today's writing lesson/task is:

Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine - Kitbull - Writing Lesson

Welcome to Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking. Today we will be using the short film Lost and Found as inspiration for our Super Sentence Stacking. You...

Choose Your Chunk - choose 1 of the 9 available:


Plot point 1: Home sweet home Time: 0: 06 – 0:56

Plot point 2: A new neighbour Time: 0:572:03

Plot point 3: Want to play? Time: 2:043:17

Plot point 4: Training to fight Time: 3:183:51

Plot point 5: Trapped Time: 3:524:41

Plot point 6: Ready to play? Time: 4:425:24

Plot point 7: Tender care Time: 5:255:56

Plot point 8: The great escape Time: 5:576:38

Plot point 9: A new start Time: 6:39 - end

Choose Your Chunk Sheet

Super Sentence Stack entry form downloadable;

Microsoft Word -

Pages (for use on Mac and iPads etc) -

PDF version -

Of course, you can simply write your sentences on a piece of paper., or in the exercise book given

Do not forget to add your name and age and which plot point you are writing.

Oh Year 6 heart, yesterday whilst I was getting today's lessons ready, the news came on the tv and there was a report about the Dad featured in the film clips below. He is a stay-at-home Dad (even before Corvid 19) and clearly has a keen interest in fun science activities.


What I particularly liked is that most of the 'equipment' used are items you would have around the house … or can cheaply get the next time you go out to do your shopping.


I thought I would post one of these clips per week. cool


Have a look, see what you think is taking place and why these reactions are happening e.g. why are the balloons inflating after the reaction?

Have a think, do some research online.

Briefly record your ideas and research in your exercise book.

Let me know what you think - it looks good fun to me - I'm off to hunt for some old party balloons in my kitchen cupboards!

Think FIRST whether you would be better doing the experiment near a sink, on a flat surface, or outside!


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU, especially for the 1st activity shown today.


FILM / RECORD it and e-mail it to me. I can post it on the Y6 webpage. smiley

5 Amazing Kids Science Experiments with Balloons

5 best cool science experiments with balloons everyone should do at least once. More simple projects like these in my book #The...

BE A REFLECTIVE LEARNER - so much has changed for you and the way you are learning.

Home school is different to the classroom and some things will be better and some things will be worse. Therefore, it is important that you think carefully and assess what works well for you (w.w.w.) and how you can work at your best - this includes things physically around you as well as asking yourself:


Are you a visual learner - so need to see the words in order for the story to go into your brain? - If so, you will probably read best with a book in your hands.

If you prefer to handle an actual book, then a Kindle (or Kindle app - free) is probably not for you - it took me quite a while to get used to mine - I think I still prefer an actual book best of all.

Do you learn best by listening to things - an auditory learner - this kind of learning and storytelling will probably help you if you are finding it hard to get off to sleep. I love listening to stories on Audible (free at the moment) or on my Amazon Dot when I can't sleep but I do find the story does not particularly stay with me for long - I don't think I am a strong auditory learner. I'm more of a visual learner; I need to read and watch things demonstrated.

If you are a combination learner, most of us are, then you may find an e-book will work most times: you can see the words, read the words, in some e-books feel like you are flipping the pages, sometimes you can hear the book being read to you whilst you follow the words - so maybe choose a book from the e-book link. laugh

Do you need a dictionary nearby, or Google! - to clarify the definitions of new words you may discover - I'm very much like this … I find it difficult to read on. frown Although sometimes I just have a pad and pen nearby and look the words up afterwards.

Try to get your reading environment the best you can for you.


SOURCES FOR TONIGHT'S STORIES - you choose. smiley

'Quests in Epica' Chapter 1

Author Adam Bushnell will read all 20 chapters of his novel Quests in Epica. This post is Chapter 1, read with Belle the dog.

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