Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Friday 12th November


Work through the presentation explaining the differences between direct and indirect speech.  Then try one of the sheets in the document below.  There are 3 levels with the answers after each.  Choose the level you feel most confident with.


Work through the Prime Numbers activity below.  Use the 100 square to help you.  There are also some extra challenges underneath if you want to try them.



This week we are investigating the strength of paper.  First of all, watch this short video about how paper is made: 

Then find or 4 different types of paper at home (for example: card, writing paper, wrapping paper, tracing paper etc.) to test.  Now follow the instructions below (you will need some other equipment too):

You can use the sheets below to record your findings.  There is also a page for you to show your results as a bar chart.

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