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Wed 3/6

Possible shopping list for grown-ups - a bag or two of skittles will be used on Friday
Happy Wednesday everyone laugh. Congratulations to the many many correct answers on the brainteaser: "I am an odd number. Take away one letter and I become even. What number am I?" The answer is seven (remove the s and become even). Well done to Charlotte who was first with the correct answer but a special mention too to Albion who offered another solution: IX (Roman Numerals for 9) - remove one letter (I) and become even - X (Roman Numeral for 10)!


Wake up your mind and body by working out with Joe Wicks live at 9am or workout later in the day. Click below...
Here is a different kind of workout - try it to revise some skills...Homophones Mash-up! Click below..

Click to hear...

Click below to go to your Maths page.

If you find your Year Group page a little challenging then take a Step Back.

► ENGLISH - synonyms and antonyms


Follow the link below and do only the LEARN section then return here.


Let's check we understand.


Two words are synonyms if their meanings are the same or similar.

Words such as:

  • rapid OR fast
  • road OR motorway
  • travel OR move


Two words are antonyms if their meanings are opposite.

Words such as:

  • fast OR slow
  • carefully OR carelessly
Click below to view a worksheet. It does not need to be printed.
Complete the work on the worksheet in your exercise book.

STEP 4: - additional challenge

Click the link below and scroll down to Practise Activity 2 and listen to Michael Palin read an extract from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory then return here and complete the sheet below.

► LET'S LEARN ABOUT.... plants

Yesterday we started to learn about how we eat all sorts of different parts of a plant. Here are some completely edible plants created by Liam, Lewis TSAlbion and Jakub

We also learnt about how important flowers are in helping plants reproduce.

Watch the Pollinator Rap below...

So when pollen is moved from one plant to the next by an insect, the wind, birds or other animals the plant that receives the pollen can now start to make seeds.

Think about these questions:

  • When the plant has made all its seeds, what happens to them?
  • Does a plant want to drop all its seeds on the ground right below it? Why not?
  • How does a plant make sure that it spreads its seeds out so that they can grow in new places?

Watch the videos below to learn more about how plants disperse (send away from them) their seeds.


Nature is a wonderful creator. The video above shows the incredible helicopter seeds that nature has created. The video above that shows clever seeds that stick to fur of an animal - have you ever had a seed stick to your clothes?

Can we create working models of two of natures clever methods of seed dispersal?


You will need:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape

Follow the instructions below. I would love to see a video if it works laugh


Watch the film below to see how an inventor pinched a great idea from nature....

You will need:

  • an empty yoghurt pot or something similar
  • scissors
  • a woolly jumper or furry soft toy

What to do:

Can you use your scissors to cut out a shape and cut and bend the plastic into the spikiest shape you can...think of the hooks on the seeds?

Here is my design:

Now can you attach it to your woolly thing?

  • Will it cling on if you move your woolly thing?
  • Will it cling on if you shake your woolly thing?
  • Are you as good a creator as nature?

See my burr seed clinging on to my llama below...

I would love to see your pics or videos laugh

Listening to someone read a story is a great way to relax and unwind.
We are lucky that, at the moment, we have some fantastic stories being read by famous people and excellent story-tellers that are wonderful to enjoy.

Choose a story from below to listen to. Choose somewhere to relax and enjoy it.

David Walliams is sharing his stories and they are funny...

Ancient Greek Myths: Yesterday I shared two Ancient Greek myths with you. Here are two more Ancient Greek myths to listen to:
Audio Library: Fancy something different? Visit our audio library where you can listen to a *HUGE VARIETY* of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.
Extra Learning Skills and Experiences
yes SPELLINGS - practise your spelling list that you made on Monday
yes COMPUTING - did you complete the computer challenge yesterday? Click here to access it.

yes BOOK COVER CHALLENGE - Let's all rise to the challenge and make our book cover.....come on, give it a go...Year 5 and Year 6! Email me your pics.

yes TIMES TABLES - still secure? Remember TTRockstars!

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