Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Please read with your child (either their reading book or a book from home) and record it in their reading diary.




Today we are starting out learning around the Seven Wonders of the world, starting with The Great Wall of China.


Watch the video below and discuss what your child has learnt, making a list of what they can remember.


Then show them China on a map and show how far it is from the UK.



China for Kids: China Travel guide for kids and Chinese Facts



Today we are learning about the sound 'a'.


Write 'a' on a piece of paper and say it with your child a few times. Also show them 's' from yesterday and ask them if they can remember that too.


Practise writing the letter 'a' with your child, first by asking them to trace over your letters (teach them to say 'around the apple and down the leaf' as hey write it.) Then ask them to copy the letters and finally write them independently.


Provide your child with items beginning with the sound sssss and items beginning with the sound aaaaa and ask them to sort them into piles.




Today we are learning about subtracting 1.


Show your child with subtraction (-) symbol and tell them that is means that we take something away.


Give your child 5 items (pieces of pasta or toys, for example) and write down 2-1= . Talk them through the problem. We need 2 items and we are taking 1 away, how many are left?


Once they understand, repeat with 3-1, 4-1 and 5-1. Then extend with 1-1, do they know that it makes 0?

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