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Week 16/11




To receive feedback on your learning please email your class teacher each day with a message as to how you got on. If you attach work or include photos of work they will be able to see how you got on.

Email:  Miss Kaur:



Please read for 20 minutes a day and record it in your Reading Diary.




Multiply by 1 and 0



This week we are going to learn more about dream catchers. They are important part of Native American History and are recognised around the world. 


Read through the attached information sheet about Dream catchers and then have a go at answering these questions in full sentences. 


1. Using a dictionary find the meaning of the word ‘indigenous’ and copy it out in your own words.

2. How do the Ojibwe people view spiders?

3. What do the Ojibwe people do because ‘spider women’ can’t visit all children?

4. What else can be found in the woven hoop?

5. What could you use to decorate your dreamcatcher?

6. What do you think dreamcatchers symbolize? Why do you think that?

7. Where do people usually put their dreamcatchers? Why?

Dream catcher information


Have a go at drawing your own dream catcher

How To Draw A Dream Catcher Step By Step



Divide by 1 and itself


Today we will be looking at imperative verbs - these are commands 

For example, sit down. 

jump on the spot. 


The Imperative Verbs Song

I thought this would be a fun way to help you to remember how to use imperative verbs!

Write your own sentences using these imperative verbs from the list shown below.

Can you include adjectives or noun phrases to add more detail?



e.g.                                                            imperative verb

After you have cracked both your eggs, slowly add the fresh milk and stir.

time conjunction                                  adverb                adjective




We want you to create an obstacle course for a relay! 

This can be indoors or outdoors, think of what you have that can help you do this... 

(I've thought of cushions to move between, coffee table to crawl under and blanket to leap over/ washing line to limbo, football to dribble, ball and racket to bounce a ball and even a trampoline to do a move on) 


I would love to see what you have come up with and hope you have some fun with this challenge! 




Obstacle course ideas



Today we will be looking at the history of a very famous Native American... 

You may know of her from the Disney film... Her name is Pocahontas!

Read the information about her life and answer the questions about her. 


Remember to show me your wonderful work - Miss Kaur 


You may even want to watch part of the film (I will be this weekend! wink it's one of my childhood favourites!)  


This week has been a very busy week with lots of tests! 

Today I want you to practice your mental maths skills, have a go at as many questions as you can, remember you can make jottings/use a written method to help you! smiley


Complete the questions on a piece of paper, and take a photo to show me! 


How To Draw A Native American Headdress

Follow along with us and learn how to draw a Native American Headdress!

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