Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are looking at the Eric Carle Story Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?


Watch the video below and talk about the different sounds that the polar bear hears. Try to replicate them.


Then create a collage inspired by the artistic style of Eric Carle using the picture below as a stimulus.



Polar Bear Song | Sing Along Song Music for Kids | Sing a Story with Bri Reads



Today we are revising reading of Phase 2 words.


Follow the link below and login using ThythornEYFS and password thythorn.


Click on Picnic on Pluto and select 'ss'.


Encourage the children to read the words by sounding them out and then ask them to identify if the words are real or fake.



Today we are thinking about number bonds to 10.


Follow the link below and model different ways to make 10 with the red and green counters.


Start with 10 red and 0 green and write the sum down on a large piece of paper (10+0=10)


Then change one counter to green and ask the children to tell you the sum (9+1=10) and continue until you get to 5+5=10.

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