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Friday 8th


Hello it's Mrs Brewster here!


Here is our learning timetable for this morning:-
Here is the plan for this afternoon:-



First up let's get ourselves moving with this energetic 8x table song and dance from the Super Movers...

The rest of today's lesson is a recap of your 2, 4 and 8 times table.  Have a look at the teaching video and then choose an option below.  You can write your answers on paper if you don't have a printer.



Today in English we are going to recap some words that we use a lot in our writing that we must make sure we spell correctly.

I have chosen these words for you to look at:

  1. where
  2. were
  3. there
  4. their
  5. could
  6. what
  7. people
  8. looked
  9. called 
  10. little

From this list I want you to use some different ways of practising how to spell them.

Watch this video of me showing you what I want you to do:

You can always go back and pause the video to help you remember how to fill in each box.  Don't forget the vowels are: AEIOU and this is what each letter is worth in Scrabble:


Read your own book for 15 minutes.



This term our topic is Why is the Bible Important to Christians Today? For today's lesson have a look at these pictures of the Bible and then I would like you to write down some questions you have about the Bible.  For example, you might want to know:

Who wrote the Bible? How many pages does it have? When was it written?

Can you think of who/what/where/why/when questions?

If you want to write our questions on this sheet you can.  Otherwise you could write them on paper.  I'm looking forward to seeing what interesting questions you come up with and hopefully we will find out the answer to some of them next week!




This afternoon we are going to think about ways to help keep ourselves calm. One of these ways is to practise Mindfulness as a way to help you calm your mind and relax.  First of all we are going to practise some Mindfulness breathing exercises following the cards below.  Click on the video and I will show you how to do some of these.

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises

Here are some Mindfulness colouring sheets which are also a good way to help you to calm down if you are feeling upset or worried about something.



Make yourself comfortable somewhere and listen to the story. 



Have a great weekend. See you next week!smiley

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