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Blue Maths

I would like you to watch the white rose video below and complete Question 1 from the worksheet. After you have completed this, I would like you to have a go at making your own part, part whole models using the website below and writing the number sentences to go with the models you create. Please click here to access the game : Part-Part-Whole (


This is a demonstration tool suitable when using the 'Part-Part-Whole Model' for addition and subtraction where you can choose which manipulatives you wish to use. To change your manipulatives at any time you can press the 'change' button. You can also add text by usng the keypad and then dragging it on, and you can remove anything by dragging it to the right-hand side.


Have fun!smiley


Or why not log into your numbots account and have a go at some of the addition and subtraction games there. Please click the link to acess the page, you will need your numbots log in a nd password for the site.

Numbots Game

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