Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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End of term activities

This is the last week before the summer holidays. When we come back to school the Year 1 children will be in Year 2 and the Year 2 children will move up to Year 3.

This week we are going think about ourselves , our memories of the year and moving on to a new class.  You could bring any of this work into school in August to show your new teacher.smiley

My favourite things

Today we are going to think about all of our favourite things.

You can present your work however you like.

Look at the sheet below to see the favourite things that I would like you to think about. You could make a piece of work the same as the sheet or do it in a different way.

You can write about your favourite things and draw pictures.

My favourite things activity.

Practise your skills with the games below.

Story time - How to be a lion and then join in the draw a long session.

School Updates