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Wednesday 6th January

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Please read with an adult for 20 minutes today. Remember to record your reading in your yellow reading diary. You can read your school books , books from home or read a book on Oxford Owl (see the link below)

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Go to the Oxford Owl ebook library and choose from the ages 4 - 7 or 7 - 9



Blue level maths work. This lesson consolidates learning from Year 1 and is appropriate for children who need to revisit some of their previous learning.

Blue Activity 

In the video the teacher suggests making pairs and counting in 2s. You could use toys or bits of pasta to help. This is a great way to help your understanding using concrete objects.

After you have watched the video draw groups of 2 and then count in multiples of 2 to work out how many altogether. Can you draw pictures for these ?

5 groups of 2 

3 groups of 2

6 groups of 2

2 groups of 2

7 groups of 2

4 groups of 2

10 groups of 2

Green and purple level maths.

Have a go at the questions. You can record your answers on paper or discuss your thinking with an adult.


Green level maths - questions 1 to 3

Purple level maths - question 4 (requires deeper thinking)

Extra maths challenges!

1. Lizzie says ,

" I've got 7 bags. In each bag there are 10 sweets.

So I've got 17 sweets."


Is Lizzie right?

Explain your answer by showing a picture or a written calcualtion.



2. Can you choose the correct sign to put between these multiplication questions.

<       =       >

3 X 4      ?      6 X 2



English part 1.

English part 2.


Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap on spelling the Year 1 and 2 common exception words.

These  are words that we are expected to be able to spell in our writing correctly , it is often very easy to make careless mistakes with these words.  

Practice reading and spelling the words below.

Look at the word , say the word , then have a go at writing it without looking , lastly check your spelling.

You should spend about 15 minutes practising these words.














In our story Little Red Riding Hood the wolf is a stranger.

Little Red Riding Hood shouldn't have stopped and told the wolf where she was going or any details because he was a stranger.

It is important we know about stranger danger.

1 - Read through the powerpoint with your adult and discuss what a stranger is and what it means when someone is a safer stranger.

2 - TASK - design a poster to help people understand all about stranger danger .

You could have the heading - STRANGER DANGER

Make it colourful and eye-catching.

Powerpoint about 'Stranger Danger'


Every Wednesday we have a PE lesson in the hall.We sometimes do a yoga session. Keep yourself fit and active and have a go at the Yoga session below.

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