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Thursday 20/01


Today I would like you to recap Multiplying 4 digit by 2 digit numbers and practise the method. 

You can look at the lesson again from yesterday and then work on the questions below. 


Please complete the FACT FILE writing about a river of the world, which you have been working on this week. 

Look again at the list of features to include:-

  • Main title 
  • Sub-titles 
  • Introduction
  • paragraphs and shorter sentences
  • Fronted adverbials e.g. Amazingly, Interestingly, 
  • key words 
  • bullet points 
  • labels for illustrations and maps 


Please complete the WATER CYCLE task on Purple Mash '2do' 

If you have finished and have some extra time, have a go on TT Rockstars


Today we will continue to learn about 'how faith help people as life gets hard' 

Look carefully at the images on the powerpoint. Don't look at the 6th slide just yet! 

For each image, I want you to consider the following:-

1. What do you see in the image? What do you think it represents? 

2. Do you have any understanding of what the images might show about that religion's idea of afterlife? 

3. Which religion do you think each image is linked to? 


Once you have had a good think and explore/discussion, you can look at the final slide which will give you the answer for which religion goes with each image. 


Written work

Choose your favourite religion/image

Write 4 sentences describing what you see and what you think it means to people who follow that religion. 

You can even draw your own version of it. 

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