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WED 22/4

A FANTASTIC day's learning yesterday everyone! I am so proud of you and your families laugh

Let's reflect on the Science we investigated yesterday....we tracked the way the sun 'appears' to move across the sky....LOOK....

We concluded that the Sun does not actually move but the Earth does! In fact the Earth moves in two spins (which gives us night and day and is why the Sun seems to move) and it also orbits the Sun (which takes 365 days - a year).
In Computing we created animations of the Sun orbiting the Earth...check out your awesome animations below...


Click to hear...

> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live from 9am
Start your day (or workout later) with The Body Coach - Joe Wicks.
> MATHS - complements to 1

Our Maths sessions will use a video to teach us and this will ask you to pause from time to time to answer questions. The questions are on a worksheet that you can view on your screen. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.
You will use the worksheet and the video together.


Click below to download the worksheet onto your screen. (it does not need to be printed)


Click below to watch the teaching video and pause when it asks you to answer the questions. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark your work yourself using the answers below.
> ENGLISH - reading comprehension

Our topic is Time Travellers .... we have started to move out into space .... so it must be time for ASTRONAUTS!

In your work folder please find your KS2 English Comprehension book.

Turn to page 4  "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth'

You can answer the questions in the book or in your exercise book at the English end.

Click to hear the text read to you...

Click to hear the questions read to you...


Travelling into Space requires incredible engineering. Just like back in Victorian times when people invented new ways to travel - engineers and scientists had to invent new ways to travel to get into Space. The story of how they did this we will explore tomorrow.

Today, we are going to become engineers.....

To begin with let's meet a real-life astronaut! Let's listen to her tell us a story about an engineer... but not from a comfy sofa.... from THE SPACE STATION! Click below....

So now it's your turn to become an engineer!

You can do this inside or outside.... the size of your imagination is your only limit.

One of the challenges on our Lock-down List was to build a Rube Goldberg Machine. Rube Goldberg was an American engineer and inventor who was famous for creating crazy contraptions that took ages to do simple things: watch a Rube Goldberg invention below:

Now that was very very FANCY!
However... they are easy and fun to build. If you click here to search for "simple rube goldberg machine at home" on Youtube you can see lots of examples that children have built to inspire you.... but wait.... our own Alfie has built one... see below...

So now it's over to you..... be an engineer... build a Rude Goldberg machine using whatever you like, wherever you like and if possible share a video or photos with me when it's done!
We can continue to enjoy another story written and read by David Walliams. Find somewhere to relax comfortably and enjoy...
Is David Walliams not to your taste? indecision
If not, then visit our audio library where you can listen to books such as Harry Potter and a whole library of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.



yesDon't forget TTRockstars, Numbots or Sumdog! See the main Year 5 page.

yesSometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

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