Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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We are starting our work around Christmas today.


We will be doing some learning around one of my favourite books, The Jolly Christmas Postman.


Watch the video below and pause it regularly to talk about which gifts the different characters might receive. You could also ask your child which characters they think might come next.


Sing some nursery rhymes together which include the characters from the story.

Santa reads The Jolly Christmas Postman from Hamleys



Today we are practising our handwriting.


Select some sounds which your child is either still working on recognising or writing and ask them to first name the sounds and then practise writing them, saying the letter formation rhymes as they write.


As an extension, you could ask your child to write simple words which contain their learnt sounds.



Today we are talking about doubling. 


Explain that doubling is when you add an amount to itself.


Model doubling one by taking an item and then replicating it. Say, 1+1=2.


Then work with your child to double 2. Can they say the number sentence (2+2=4), then continue with doubling 4.


Show your child a picture of Numberblock 8 and indicate that he stands 2 blocks wide with 4 on each side, showing that double 4 is 8.

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