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Tues 12/1


Year 5 – Tuesday 12th  January 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading






Spellings into sentences

Mental Maths warm up


Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits

Rushing rivers (features of a non-fiction text)



Stig of the Dump Chapter 4


Tuesday slide

Floating and sinking experiment and write up.



Here are the spelling words from last week:













Your task this morning is to choose 5 words and put them into sentences. Then have fun practising the words using a variety of ways, like we do in the classroom, such as pyramid words, one letter/one colour and drawing the shape of the word.  I've included a picture of some of the games we do to help you.




     ► Mental starter

Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits

Mrs Dunford explains the worksheet

Blue level Maths-  Complete Q's 1 - 4.  Click on the link below for a multiplication grid to help you if needed.

Green level Maths - Complete All Questions 

Purple level Maths - an extra challenge below after you have completed the main sheet

Purple challenge



Today you are going to continue your work learning about rivers and the features of non-fiction books.  Please watch lesson 4 on 'Rushing Rivers'. Watch the video carefully and pause it as Ms Johnson goes along, jotting down on paper the answers to her questions.  I would like you to then complete the task set (just after 13 minutes) to write a paragraph summarising what you have learnt in that lesson about damns.  She does give you a little help.


After that I would like you to watch lesson 5.  Again, watch the video carefully and pause it as Ms Johnson goes along, jotting down on paper the answers to her questions.  The final task (just after 8 minutes) to create a poster to encourage people to look after rivers.  



Stig of the Dump - Chapter 4



A few children (and parents) have mentioned that you'd appreciate a little help with knowing the meanings of the grammar words.  So I have put together this 'Grammar Glossary'.  I will put it on the webpage with the grammar slide for the next week or so, so you have it to hand to help you. I will also post a quick video talking you through what is in the pdf yes

Mrs Dunford explains the Grammar Glossary and how to use it.



To go alongside our learning about rivers, we are going to complete some work and experiments on forces.  We are going to start with the forces that are in action in water and how they affect objects - testing whether something floats or sinks.

Please watch the video.  During the first 10 minutes the teacher tests whether a verity of objects will float or sink.  Pause the video as it goes and make predictions of what you think will happen.

At 10 minutes, please listen carefully as she explains some common misconceptions/misunderstandings as to why objects float or sink.

After 15 1/2 minutes she goes onto explain the science behind WHY objects float or sink.  This is the key learning for this afternoon.


At 19 minutes she demonstrates and explains activities that you can have a go at at home.  Please ask an adult before you set up any experiment this afternoon.  The activities are also explained below on the pdf.

Mrs Dunford demonstrating how to do the experiment at home

Activities to have a go at

Once you have tested some objects you can record your results in a table like this one.


► SPELLING Activity

School Updates