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Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 Topic Work

Science activity

Look at what happens to salt when you mix it with water.

Talk about what you observe with your grown-up. 

Discuss what the word dissolve means.

Then test some different things to see what happens when you mix them with water.

You could test sugar , coffee , sprinkles , oats , rice , gravy granules , flour , etc.

It is really important to talk about what you notice and observe.


Year 2 children try and draw a table to record your results. Look at the last picture, it shows a way that you could record what happens.

Amazing Australia

Today our animal is a bird that can be found in Eastern Australia, called a  kookaburra. You might know today's song about a kookaburra.

Below are some short videos to watch and some activities to choose from.

Year 2         (Year 1 you can do this also,  if you would like) 

Everyday you are going to take a page in your exercise book and make a fact file about the animal of the day. You need to have a title , a picture of the animal with some labels and at least 5 facts. You could use bullet points for each fact or write it as a paragraph of writing. 

You could include the animal's habitat , what it looks like , what it eats , what animal group it belongs to, what its baby are like etc.

Look below to see how to draw a kookaburra and the labels that you could use

A fact sheet that may you with your writing Year 1 and 2.

Find out about the kookaburra


Kookaburra Song Australia

Click on the pictures to make them bigger and clearer.

You could use these pictures to help you draw your own life cycle of a kookaburra

Some kookaburra art ideas.

Our story today is called Kookoo Kookaburra - by Gregg Dreise. There are some lovely illustrations to look at!

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