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Weds 3rd


Year 5 – Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading

Zoom – 12 noon – Mental health theme







Times tables

Mental Maths warm up


Compare and order fractions less than 1. (p. 1 only)

Invention of the Steam Engine Comprehension.



The incredible adventures of Professor Branestawm Chapter 8


Wednesday slide

Mother Teresa


► Good Morning and happy hump day! smiley

Today is a busy day.  Our live zoom session is at 12 noon today (the link will be in your Seesaw in box).  The focus today is around Mental Health Awareness Week.  I would love you to come to the session "Dressed to Express yourself".  This could be an outfit or just an accessory to express who you are as an individual.  It might be something of a particular colour or design that expresses who you and or is linked to something that makes you feel 'like you'.  I will probably wear something related to sport or fitness along with a cooking apron as that expresses the favourite parts of me.


► Morning Starter




         ► Mental starter

Compare and order fractions less than 1 (first part of worksheet)




Yesterday in History we learnt about the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his development of the Great Western Railway.  Today we are going to read and answer questions about Steam Trains.  Please watch my video explaining the learning for today.  Have a pen and paper ready as I'll be asking questions along the way.  The text is below for you to read, with the questions on the same document.  You can answer these questions on paper, type them into Seesaw or click on the link to complete the questions in a google form.

Mrs Dunford explains the lesson.

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm - Chapter 8



BODY PARTS // Learn French with Mr Innes

PARTS OF THE FACE // Learn French with Mr Innes

French activity explained.


► R.E

Today you are going to learn about the life and legacy of Mother Teresa.  Please watch the video, as all the information you will need is contained within it and then complete the questions from the sheet.  You can write on the sheet or type your answers straight into Seesaw.

Information and lesson input about Mother Teresa.

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