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Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. This could be a story book which you read, a phonics book which they read or a mixture of the two.


Oxford Owl have a library of free books which can be read on a phone or tablet.


Follow the link below and sign up yourself. You can then access a variety of books which are age-appropriate. Start on age 3-4 (Oxford Level 1+) and work your way through as your child gets more confident.



Today we are working on doubling amounts up to 6. 

Watch the video below and then complete the activity with your child.


Blue challenge: Find the doubles of 1, 2 and 3 using objects.


Green challenge:  Complete the activity and then ask your child to recall the doubles of 1, 2 and 3 verbally.


Purple challenge: Can you find the doubles of more numbers using objects? Can you find and recite double 4, 5, 6?

EYFS Doubling Activity



On Fridays we usually do yoga with Mrs Wills. Encourage your child to change into sports clothes independently like we do at school and then complete this workout together.


At the end, take some time to talk about the learning that you have completed together this week. What does your child think they did well and what do they think they could do with practising a bit more. You could then revisit some activities over the weekend if you want to.



On Fridays, we usually review the sounds that we have learnt this week. Practise writing the letters that we have learnt with your child first, encouraging them to recite the formation rhymes as they write them. Then visit and login with the username ThythornEYFS and the password thythorn. Click on Phase 2, Picnic on Pluto and select any known sounds. The objective of the game is to read the words and sort them in to real (Bob) words and fake (Obb) words.


Blue challenge

Sound out the following words to your child and get them to blend the sounds together. It may be beneficial to repeat it a few times.










Once your child has blended the words, repeat the activity and get them to copy your segmenting of the words so that they are learning to sound them out.


Green challenge:

Ask your child to write the following words independently, sounding them out first.










Purple challenge:

Ask your child to write the above words and then the following sentences.


The drum is on the rug.

Put the rag in the bin.

Run to the top.


► Storytime with Mrs Wills


► Assembly with Mr Smyton

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