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Thursday 26th March 2020

Thursday 26.3.2020

Good morning Year 6 pupils and parents - I hope your week is going well and the sunshine warmed your heart and soul yesterday.


It was lovely to receive some photos of work and pupils working hard at home. I have received some concerned messages that people are feeling behind with work - please do not worry, you can complete the work at your own pace. You know the pages we are going to complete as they are marked in pen as H.L. - home learning, you have a folder of work as well.  We are all in a very unexpected situation, if you feel the need to just sit and be as a family, please do. If you wish to colour, paint, draw, cook, bake and make, have a silent disco, karaoke and sing like nobody is listening, please do. Your social skills and interaction with others has been greatly altered and it is important that you prioritise socialising, chatting and interacting as much as possible - these skills are equally as important. Make sure you are contacting your peers and family often; support and boost each other, talk nonsense, share corny jokes, Skype a game of cards, chess, singing competition - see if you can make a 'virtual' playground despite having to stay at home.


For those who are loving the structure, are enjoying having home as a school class room and like a timetable to shape their day...


MATHS REASONING - linked to recent fraction work:



Today would usually be singing assembly! 

Be gentle on the ears! If you can remember your favourite songs grab a hairbrush, use it as a microphone and sing like nobody is listening - maybe record it and send it to me and I will post on the website. You can sing your favourite pop song or lyrics from a Disney film. Enjoy!



Follow the link from yesterday for ratio and complete lesson 2 and lesson 3.

If you decide to bake today you may be able to use and apply your ratio knowledge - how many eggs to 100g of flour? How much butter to every 100g of flour?


Other ratio questions:





















ART - Be an illustrator 


Art would usually be with Mrs Hall on Thursday afternoon. Today I would like you to think about your sketching techniques. In the link, an illustrator is taking you step-by-step through the stages he uses to create a character or caricature. To link with our Adaptation, Evolution and Inheritance work he mentions the features of Charles Darwin - what does he look like? Carryout a research study of Charles Darwin - what work did he do that links with Evolution? 

I would like you to look in the mirror at your characteristics; at your features, then study the features of the people in your family, use a photo if you have one available. Which characteristics do you think you have inherited from your ancestors? Use the illustrators steps to help you sketch. Sketch a portrait of someone in your family.

Think about:

1) using lots of lighter lines to form the shape you need, layer your lines

2) then sketch in darker, defined outlines

2) use shading techniques for light and dark definition

3) hatching lines

4) cross-hatching strokes



Mr Clarke would normally do your P.|E. Today I would like you to carry on with our cardio-vascular work to fit in with our Healthy Bodies and Healthy Lifestyles focus

Below are the links to some websites you will recognise, plus a few new ones:

or (with a KS2 pupil)

or why not try some meditation and relaxation music and practise you breathing techniques. Link already given earlier in the week, or find your own music.

You could try Yoga for Kids (and parents) to relax and unwind to:

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