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Thursday 4th June

Hello Lower School!

Feel like some different exercise today then have a go at some yoga.It says it's Saturday but don't worry you can do it today!

PE with Joe Wicks!

Another version of our story. The Three Billy Goats Gruff


Our story this week is The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


Foundation Stage Task  

The troll was very unkind to the goats. Talk to your grown-up about the unkind things he said and did. Try and think of some things that he could do and say to be friendly and kind to the goats.

Choose one of your ideas and see if you can write it as a sentence. You could put it in a speech bubble like this. see below.

Year 1 and 2 English task

Yesterday you drew a story map of the order of the events in the story. Over the next couple of days you are going to write a retell of the story. You can either write this as a chunk of writing or you can write it a bit like a cartoon, by drawing a picture of the first little bit of the story and writing some sentences underneath, then doing the same with the next little bit, you could include speeech bubbles and thinking bubbles too. Today try and write up to the part when the medium goat crosses the bridge. Think about how to start your story , make sure you write in sentences that make sense , use capital letters and full stops, remember to include adjectives to describe things and use range of sentence starters. Make sensible attempts at spelling words and try and use neat handwriting. 

YEAR 2 - make sure that some of your sentences use conjunctions (joining words) , try and include a range of punctuation ! ? , ' remember to make it interesting to read. Keep checking that it makes sense by reading it back. It might be a good idea to have page 127 of your booklet out infront of you so that  you can check those common exception words.


You could choose one of these sentences to start your story with. Word mats below.

Once upon a time there lived ..............

A long time ago there were..............

This is the story of the three Billy Goats Gruff who..........


Amazing Australia

Today we are going to look at a map of Australia. 

No recording is needed but watch the videos and look at the maps. Look at the way Australia is split into states.

Year 1 and 2 children could be asked to find various features on the second map. For example can you tell me the name of the city in Western Australia? Can you find the name of a sea? etc



Australia Geography/Australia Country Song

Map of Australia for Kids! Learn about Australia

Maps of Australia

Let's get creative!

Can you make a picture of a face from natural things?

Look at the examples below.

Puffin Storytime | Look Up! | Full read & draw-along activity . After the story have a go at your drawing skills with the illustrator of the story!

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