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To switch our maths thinking on this morning, let's have a think about whether a maths statement is true or false. When you think you know, I want to to explain how you know. Why do you think you are correct?


You can use you 'Dive Deeper' skills: draw it, explain it, prove it - see how you get on with the two tasks below.


Here are some explanations to give you ideas of ways to solve these 2 tasks.




Divide by 10 100 and 1000


     Wash your hands.

     20mins of fresh air,

     fresh fruit or veg for a snack

     and refreshed brain power!


Next, you can continue with your persuasive speech - edit and improve it. make it more powerful and believable so that we all want to agree with your opinion. 

Have you got a catchy phrase - something that people like me smiley will be singing all day! surprise

Oh no! Not the singing Ms Hadland - spare us! laugh

Do you have a slogan?

Are your images eye-catching?

Have you done some research so that you can include some facts?

How could you improve it further?


Then send me a photo or a recording of your speech with you hold your poster/placade. I have only received one or two so far.


     Try something new - something you do not usually like to eat.

     You never know your taste buds might have matured since the last             time you tried it!

     A good variety of food to tickle your taste buds is exciting.


This afternoon it's PE with Mr Reven.


I realise it is difficult for you to do PE at home - you have Mr Griffiths..

Have a look at this link with some basic PE skills which can be carried out inside your home, and with some basic households objects.


Just complete the first video - we will be trying some of the other available another week.


New Age Kurling at Home

Learn how to play New Age Kurling at home with tinned items!

Next, it is PSHE with Mrs Muddimer - let's see what she has got planned for you today:


Hi Year 6 – it’s Mrs Muddimer here:

Today's PSHE is all about your network of people and how these relationships have developed over time.

First, take some time to sit and think about the qualities that you value in the people who are important to you, for example: they make me laugh, they listen to me, they go to the same after-school club etc.

Then, make a list of these qualities and, if you can, rate them in order of the most important quality to you to the one which is the least important.

Blue and green – minimum or 5 qualities.

Purple – minimum of 10 qualities.

When you think about your network of friends, consider your family members – close family and cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and school friends. You may, in better circumstances, attend a community event such as a church group or Brownies/Guides/Scouts.

Next, consider how your relationship with these special people has changed over the years.

  • You may have moved schools but kept in touch with the first school friend you ever made.
  • You may now prefer to play for a basketball team whilst they prefer their football team.
  • You may find you relate a bit more to the current pandemic and be able to list the ways that Coronavirus has altered a relationship.

Now, focus on one positive relationship you have with a person from your list. What is it about the relationship that works well? You may have things in common, perhaps you help each other out in difficult situations. Jot your ideas down.

Now for a little bit of relaxing creativity....

Children working from home, can you make a similar booklet from some folded pieces of A4 paper: white or coloured paper?

Can you make something similar?

yours might be better! smiley

Have You Ever Tried - KS2 Yoga Lesson-Relaxation

Make sure you have a clear space, you might want a mat or large towel to sire on.

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