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Fri 15/5



Good Morning Year 1laugh


I am pleased to say you've made it to FRIDAY! Do you know how amazing you are? You have made it to the end of your 6th week of home learning...Well done!yes  You are a class of resilient rangers, preserving when things got tough, I am so proud of all of you! 


I hope today you continue to work hard at home for your grown-ups. The updates I have received from you all so far have gone in a super picture gallery so look out for your pictures there! Please continue to send them to me and if you haven't sent me any yet...Please do as I love to see what you are all up to at home and it makes me smile to see you all and know you are happy, safe and well.laugh


Yesterday whilst I was at school, George and Lola decided to snuggle down and have a sleep in the afternoon because they had been out for a lovely long walk in the sunshine during the morning and were tired.





Friday timetable

Click on this voice clip to hear Miss Martin read the time table of today

Morning work:  Today I would like you to look at the picture below and answer the following comprehension questions about the picture.


1) How old will Sophie be on her birthday?

2) Is the party in the morning (am) or afternoon (pm)?

3) Who's birthday is it?

4) What month is the party?

5) Draw an outfit that Emily could wear to Sophie's party

Phonics: In your phonics buster books please complete pages 28 and 29 about split digraphs.


I would also like you to practice some tricky sight words today, these can be found in the video below. Can you join in with the video and write a few of them down in your yellow books.


There are some great interactive games on the phonics play website for children to play and revise their phonetic skills. Currently, the website is free for parents to sign up to if you log in using the user name: march 20 and the password: home.


You could also play some different phonics games at


Sight Word Rap 2 | Sight Words | High Frequency Words | Jack Hartmann

This sight word song, Sight Words Rap 2 is about sight word recognition.

English:  Today in your yellow books, I would like you to write your own instructions about how to plant a flower. Remember to use all of the things we have looked at this week to help you. There is a picture below of an example for a sunflower to help you get started.


Reading:  Make sure you read a book today or have a grown-up read you a story.  If you have read all your reading books from school, you can read some of the phonetically decodable comics online.These can be found at


Also David Walliams (A well known childrens author) has given you the opportunity every day to reveice a short audio book from his collection of short stories from his book 'The World’s Worst Children!' You can access these at :

New stories are avaliable after 11am every day, or you can listen to ones from the day before if you wish.


If David Walliams is not to your taste, another super children's author Oliver Jeffers is also reading his books live on insagram everyday. However if you do not have access to instagram his previously read stories and videos can be found on his website.


Try and remember to record all of your reading in your  diary so that we can see how much reading you have done when we come back to school. I can't wait to see how much reading you have done at home! I hear a lot of you are reading a lot at home so keep it up!yes




In maths today we are going to have a flash back friday, this is something we do most Friday's where we test the skills and knowledge we have learnt so far throughout the year. I have got 2 mats for you covering lots of different maths topics, they are of varying difficulty with simliar questions, so you can choose which to suit you and not complete them both.


In your yellow books can you answer the following questions:


Show and tell: On Fridays in Year 1 after lunch we do show and tell to help improve our listening and speaking skills. This week, I would love you to send me an email telling me some of the things you have been doing and send me some pictures of you completing your work or enjoying the sunshine. I look forward to hearing all about your week!


Remember my Email is



Golden Time! -  On a Friday afternoon in Year 1 we have GOLDEN TIME!

I think you will agree with me when I say that this week (just like last week) has been very different to the normal weeks at school, but more than ever I think you have deserved your golden time. Play, be creative, make things, dress up, tell jokes and let your imagination run wild...You are amazing Year 1 and I am proud to be your teacher!



End of the day story:    The story I have chosen today is one of your favourite is Elmer and the wind written by David McKee



Elmer and the wind

Enjoy your weekend Year 1 laugh - Hopefully, the sun will come out and you can enjoy playing outside and getting some fresh air. I will be back on Monday morning with more home learning for you.


I will just leave you with some of the words we began the week with from Mrs Podgers....



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