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Monday 1st March

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The Masked Reader! What is it all about?

►Good morning and today's timetable

Hello Year 2!


This week on Thursday 4th March  it is World Book Day!

Complete the reading comprehension all about World Book Day.

There are different levels all in one file so choose your level , read the text and

you can check your answers.

Blue reading one star

Green reading two stars

Purple reading three stars

Click the link below and select your reading comprehension.


1 - Join in with the maths starter.

2 - Watch the teaching video and complete the sheet.

3 - Thinking deeper ! Have a go at the maths challenge.

(purple level should be aiming to complete the challenge)

New Recording - 28/02/2021, 19:10:45

Maths Starter

Spr2.10.2 - Make equal parts

Question 7 tells you to use 12 counters, You can 12 of anything , bits of pasta etc.

Blue should complete questions 1 to 6

Green all questions

Purple all questions and make sure you have a go at the challenge.

►Spelling , punctuation and grammar

1 - Follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd.

2 - Join in with the Supermovers and find out more about adverbs.

3 - Click on the tasks.


Task 1 - All children. No printing needed. Change the root words by adding the suffix        ly.


Task 2 - Green and purple- After you have completed task 1 , go onto this task.

Again no printing is needed. Choose a verb and an adverb and make a sentence.

Remember capital letters , full stops and careful handwriting.


1 - Follow the spelling , punctuation and grammar lesson with Miss Shepherd

Green and purple complete this task once you have done Task 1

Make sure you take time this week to practise your spellings.

Spellings for this week. Test on Friday 5th March

Blue (Year 1 common exception words)

me  we  he  she  be   go   no   so   his    her

Green and purple 

Words that have the  ly suffix.

softly   loudly   slowly   proudly   nicely   quickly   crossly   madly    sadly    neatly

5 challenge words

quietly     anxiously     happily    silently     smoothly


Today I would like you to show off your best handwriting.

You will need some lined paper and a sharp pencil.

Click on the link below and read the poem carefully a couple of times.

Then copy the poem  in your very best cursive handwriting.

Think about letter size , ascenders and descenders and the position of letters on the line.

Illustrate your poem too by drawing some of the different dogs mentioned in the poem.

Click here for the handwriting poem.


♦Please not that adult supervision is needed for this task♦

A parachute slows down something that is falling to the ground. You are going to make your own parachute today.

1 - Follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd

Topic lesson with Miss Shepherd

2 - Watch the two short videos below.

3 - Click the link below for the instructions on how to make a parachute to test.

♦An adult must help with the making and testing♦


Story time with Miss Shepherd

School Updates