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Thur 7/5

Good morning Year 1 laugh


I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups.  Keep up the amazing work! Some of the writing I have seen so far this week is amazing! I am so impressed by it and it is without a doubt the best Year 1 writing I have ever seen! 


Yesterday I was at school for the day completing my paediatric first aid course which I need for being your teacher. When I got home, Goerge and Lola wanted to see what I had been doing so we practised some first aid. They enjoyed putting plasters on each other and pretending they were injured.




Tomorrow, Friday 8th of May is the 75th anniversary of V E Day (Victory in Europe). This is a very important day to be celebrated in England. In preparation for tomorrow, I would like you to find out about VE day and have a go at some of the activities on the class page today.


Don't forget to email your pictures to me so I can pop them on the website! laugh


Grown-ups - you will all have received an email from Miss Martin inviting you and your child to an online zoom party video call ready for tomorrow. 


Miss Martin, Mrs Podgers, Miss Louge and Mrs Afanador will be hosting a virtual online VE day party for Year 1. We would love you to join us!
Today, Miss Martin has set the children lots of VE day activities to complete. Baking recipes, making bunting, colouring pictures, dressing up, listening to wartime songs etc. So thought Friday might be a nice opportunity for them to talk about what they did today and to show something they did or tell us something and then we can have a general chat, play some wartime music and play a game or two. I am inviting the whole class, so I hope you can join us!


You need to follow the web link from the email to take you directly to the zoom page. When required you will need to enter the meeting ID and the meeting password which was in the email. If you need a reminder of these send Miss Martin an email and she will sort this out for you. It is tomorrow morning at 11am lasting for roughly 30mins.

What is VE day?


To begin your learning, I would like you to watch the short video clip below which explains to you why VE Day is so important.


If you would like more information about VE day, Please look through this document below where it will tell you lots of interesting facts and show you some pictures from VE day.

Information about VE day

Inspirational people:


Captain Tom Moore:

Some of you may have already heard of Captain Tom Moore on the news. Captian Tom Moore walked 100 lengths of his garden before his 100th Birthday last week to raise over £32,796,350 for NHS Charities Together because he thinks "our fantastic NHS workers are national heroes". What a fantastic achievement! yes




VE day is a special day for Captain Tom Moore as he was a soldier who fought in WW2. That's how he got all those medals you can see on his uniform. You can read more information about Captain Tom Moore in the document below. He is an inspirational person who should not be forgotten, just like all the other young men, women and animals who helped the war effort. Well done, we salute you! yes

Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore saluted by army as he completes 100th lap raising money for the NHS

In this short video clip, you can see Captain Tom Moore completing the last of his 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday in aid of raising money for the NHS.

Englsih: Now you have learnt a little about VE day and why it is important to celebrate, I would like you to read the following comprehension and answer the questions in your yellow books. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can read it more clearly.



Art and design: Do you think you can design a medal for the 75th anniversary of VE day? Have a look at the document below and have a go at designing your own medal. If you can not print the sheet below, just download it and copy your design into your yellow book.

Here are also some lovely design ideas for things you can make to decorate your house in celebration of the 75th anniversary of VE day. Click on the document to open and download the activity.

Food Technology:

To celebrate VE day people had big parties in the street where they shared lots of different types of wartime foods. Below are some wartime recipes for things that they would have enjoyed at their VE day parties 75 years ago. Have a read through the recipes and if you have the ingredients at home you could try to make some of the things at home to help you and your family celebrate VE day tomorrow.


In the video clip below you can see a film of the children's VE celebration Party held on Broad Green, Wellingborough, UK in Spring 1945. It is in black and white and there is no sound, but you can see the big tables full of food and the children celebrating VE day.

Children's VE Party, 1945

Film of the children's VE celebration Party held on Broad Green, Wellingborough, UK in Spring 1945

Wartime recipies to read and try (if you want to)

Music: To celebrate VE day the people of England played their music loud, late in and in the streets. They sang songs, danced and partied all the way through the days that followed the VE day annoucements. The songs they sang in 1945 were very different to the ones that we sing and listen to in 2020 on the radio. In the picture below you can read some of the lyrics (words) to some of the most famous wartime songs that they sang to celebrate VE day. If you have spotify you can scan the icon on the page and it will take you to a special playlist where you can listen to the songs. I will post a few of the videos here but if there are some you want to listen to they can all be found on youtube.


Enjoy! laugh

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Here We Are, Here We Are Again! Sung By Frederick Wheeler

Gracie Fields - Sing As We Go

End of the day story:    The story I have chosen today is one that I had at home from when I was your age, it is from a collection of stories called 'A year in Percy's park' written by Nick Butterworth. I thought you might enjoy these stories as they are all about the seasons as recently you have been looking at the seasons. Today's story is about winter.






A year in Percy's park

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