Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Tuesday 8th


Today's learning is about identifying and comparing angles.  There are two videos to watch and two sheets.  This is a recap on previous learning.

Identify angles

Compare and order angles


Today in English I would like you read and complete the questions about the impact of plastic pollution.  Type your answers straight into Seesaw and upload them for me to see.


Today in topic, we are starting to look at climate change, the human impact, the causes and the effects of the environment.

Read the slide show and think about all the questions asked and issues raised.  When you have finished reading, produce a colourful and informative poster persuading me the climate change exists.  You may include facts about the melting of polar ice caps, air pollution, the warming of the oceans, plastic pollution and deforestation.  Use pictures and writing to present your ideas.  You can draw it on paper and upload onto Seesaw or create it straight into Seesaw.

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