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Friday 3rd December


Have another look at this week's spellings below.  Can you remember what the prefixes co- and re- mean?

If you feel up to it get a grown up to test you.


This morning we are looking at auxiliary verbs (or 'helper' verbs).  Read the explanation below and then have a go at the sheet.



Aut5.10.3 - Divide by 10 100 and 1000


Can you make a mind map or poster to show what you have learned about materials this term? Use words and pictures.  We have looked at:

  • What jobs different materials are good for eg. a glass teddy bear wouldn't be very good!
  • Keeping things warm - thermal insulators
  • The strength of different materials
  • The best cloths for cleaning - absorbency, strength, durability
  • Which materials are good electrical conductors?

Share your work on SeeSaw if you can!

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