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Week 23/11




To receive feedback on your learning please email your class teacher each day with a message as to how you got on. If you attach work or include photos of work they will be able to see how you got on.

Email:  Miss Kaur:



Please read for 20 minutes a day and record it in your Reading Diary.




Today we are going to flashback on our knowledge of Place Value. 

I'd like to you to have a go at the questions in the document attached 

Place Value questions and answers

Remember to check your answers and send a picture to Miss Kaur for her to see how you've done 


Today I have a challenge for you! 


I have some photos of how to build a dream catcher but it doesn't have the instructions! 

Can you add some instructions based on what the pictures are showing you to do? 


Remember; Great instructions use... 

Imperative/bossy verbs e.g. pull, sit, hit or stir

Time order words, e.g. first, after that, next 




If you can find the items around the house, can you follow your instructions to build a dream catcher? 


If not / as an extra I've got a video for you to have a go at drawing your own stunning dream catcher! smiley

How To Draw A Dream Catcher Step By Step



Add two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)

Have a go at answering these questions 

Remember to use column addition and carefully line up the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands! 


621 + 332 =

421 + 832 = 

1821+ 4215 = 

3213 + 5443 = 

6424 + 2193 = 

3136 + 3884 = 


Use a calculator to check your answers smiley



This week we will be looking at the Journey of the Mayflower, the first people from Britain to settle in America and the very famous Thanksgiving holiday that marks the events that happened because of the journey. 


I have included a video clip for you to know a little more about the Mayflower

The Mayflower

Drawings to represent the Mayflower journey

click on the pictures to make them bigger and to see the description

"The Boy who fell off the Mayflower"

Hear an extract of the exciting tale of John Howland, the boy who fell off the Mayflower, retold by Isabelle from the Pilgrims Gallery.

This is the story which the pictures have been taken from

I would like you to have a go at describing the journey, while the pictures I have added show the worse part of the journey, it was calm to begin with and they did land safely in America! 


I've started the description for you, if you look carefully you will see lots of adjectives, verbs and adverbs that I have included in my starter.  


It was calm and cool on the water, the ship gently swayed over the waves. Suddenly there was a call, 'Storm ahead! Tie everything down!', the sailors ran to the now damp deck, moving rapidly around, holding on to anything to stay up as the waves became more violent. 



Moana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

You can click on the link and have a go at a different cosmic kids yoga adventure :)



Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)

Have a go at these questions smiley


1. 832 - 213 = 

2. 1893 - 324 = 

3. 9775 - 5433 =

4. 4482 - 2338 = 

5. 8792 - 3929 = 

6. 8839 - 7478 = 

7. 8347 - 2873 = 


Use a calculator to check your answers 


Create your own impression of the ship that the people on the Mayflower may have gone on, sketch it carefully and if you can colour it in :)



Today we will be checking our knowledge of addition and subtraction with some problems. 

Make sure you read the question carefully and have a go at every question. 


Please show Miss Kaur how you have done laugh


Today is Thanksgiving! 

It's a very important American holiday... Some people in America think it's better than Christmas!!! 


We will be doing a reading comprehension about the holiday. Read the text carefully and answer the questions using full sentences. 



Spelling test 


Have a go at the spellings you have been given this week 















Yesterday was thanksgiving, today we are going to write down the things we give thanks for... 


It is traditional for people to share this before they sit down to their big turkey dinner. It was what they did during the the first Thanksgiving as the Pilgrims shared a meal with the Native Americans. 



This is an artist impression of the first meal


Thanksgiving activities 

To link to the theme of the journey of the Mayflower and Thanksgiving I have a collection of activities for the children to have a go at, including some online games and colouring.   


Colouring pages to print... If you can't print you might like to draw some images

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