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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Year 6 staff:

Ms C Hadland: Class Teacher

Mrs D Muddimer: Teaching Assistant/ELSA

Miss Rivers: Learning Support Assistant


As each pupil progresses through school-life growing demands are placed upon them along that journey. This year will require a greater degree of independence, responsibility, organisation and perseverance as the expectations for Year 6 continue to grow. Year 6 bridges the gap between Primary School and Secondary School. As pupils progress, thrive and mature there is greater emphasis to demonstrate initiative, motivation and self-awareness. Let the journey begin!


Year 6 can be a very demanding year for pupils; not just the end of year requirements but also changes within their body and also with influence on multimedia, with peer pressure, mental health and well-being. Currently there are several drives regarding the importance of sharing thoughts, feelings and emotions.  The importance of conversation with young minds has never been greater as devices, apps, consoles and online games can sometimes lead to hours of busy isolation. With this in mind please, as well as the importance of reading please: 'Share a lap rather than an app! Read a current themed topic book, visit a library together, borrow additional books, comics and child newspapers from the Y6 library.


Whilst many Year 6 pupils are growing in independence and are increasingly mobile before and after school, when catching up with them at the beginning and end of the day, please greet them with a smile rather than a mobile - we can all be guilty of it at times... we are their role-models... and plan in time to be device free and enquire about their day:



If you or your child have any worries or concerns about mental-health issues, here is a source of great advice:


Homework will routinely include: the basics of weekly spellings and how to use words correctly in context, clarifying word definitions, as well as manipulating words with prefixes and suffixes; times-tables - practising any remaining unknown times tables, and reading regularly to improve comprehension and vocabulary banks to be used in writing. Frequent practising throughout the week is better than one longer session the day before it is due to be handed in! Other homework will include using a range of CGP books to address required skills. 


Homework will usually be given on a Monday and will need to be handed in by the following Monday. This allows for pupils who are busy on weekdays to also have the weekend to complete tasks, and pupils who have hectic weekends have the 5 weekdays. This accommodates all eventualities.


PE will usually be on a Monday afternoon with me – and then again on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Clarke; Gymnastics for Spring Term. Please make sure a full PE kit comes in to school on Monday and remains in school until Friday as there are times when additional, unexpected, sporting events are arranged at short notice - it would be a shame if your child missed out.


Additional learning sessions after school will begin in Autumn 2 term; English  and Maths with Ms Hadland on a Tuesday and Thursday after straight after school; to reinforce required learning skills for Year 6 pupils.

If your child is invited they are expected to attend. 😊


Ms C Hadland


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2018 Key Stage 2 tests

A summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that Year 6 pupils will take in England in May 2018. Aimed particularly at parents. A downloadable version is available for schools to use here: The standard KS1 version is available here:

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