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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Home Learning pictures!

Good Morning Year 4

Click to hear me!

Well I definitely feel really lucky to have heard from almost ALL of you so far! 

Well done to all of you who had a go at recording yourselves speak, please take the time to listen to your friends, the children in school and I did yesterday morning and thought it was great! 

Click here to listen!


Today's plan: 

Morning work: Spellings 

English: Instruction ordering

Maths: Fractions 

Topic: Timeline 

RE: Thoughtful question 

D&T: task to prep for Friday

Story: Reading in the sunshine (choose your own book!) 




Today's spelling challenge, the silly spelling story (are you impressed with my alliteration skills there?) 

Write a short story with ALL of your spelling words in, it will be a challenge and it WILL get silly. Enjoy! 

Please feel free to send your silly stories in for your friends/classmates to read wink


Miss Kaur's spelling group words 

All with the 'sc' sound 

  1. science

  2. scene

  3. abscess

  4. scissors

  5. ascend

  6. scented

  7. descend

  8. crescent


Mr Hill's spelling group

  1. Beautiful
  2. Half
  3. Sugar
  4. Wild
  5. Parents
  6. Everybody 

Maths starter 

To get you started your brain in gear, I have a scavanger hunt planned for you. 

Things in the house that show a fraction... 



You might have to think outside the box or think carefully what you might find in the house (if you're struggling) 



Today we will are continuing our work on equivalent fractions (remember equivalent means - same), go through the powerpoint presentation and choose the option sheet you would like to complete, you do not need to print the sheet out (the answer page will be at the end of the pdf). 


I have also included an extension task for you.


Quick wake up... 

Do you remember what these words means? 

Noun,  adjective, verbs, conjunction, imperative verbs.


Make sure you do as you might need to use them later... 

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 1

Listen to Cressida Cowell read How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 1 'First Catch your Dragon'

1. First catch your dragon

Questions about Chapter 1 


1. How many boys were there?

2. What was the soldier in charge called?

3. How many parts are there to the D.I.T. test?

4. Why must Hiccup be in charge of leading the other boys?

5. What does Fishlegs have an allergy to?

6. What does exile mean?




Have a go at ordering the instructions below/writing your own instructions to catch your own dragon... 


Next cover the pit with a brown sheet.

Finally place the large lump of meat on top.

In the end, the dragon will not be able to resist the temptation and will therefore fall into the pit.

First, dig a deep pit.

Now tiptoe behind a tree and wait.


As we have just finished our Easter break, it is a good time to reflect on Easter... 

How is Easter celebrated? 

(What would you normally do? What did you do? Do you know anyone who might celebrate it differently to yourself?) 


What does it mean to different people around the world? 

(In England/UK it is often linked with spring, if you remember this time last year we had the chicks in school! Some people look carefully at the religious aspect of it, do you remember the Easter story? What else could Easter represent?) 


Either have a chat or jot down some ideas of what you think it means. 

(This is a 10minute task) 


Today we are looking 'When did the the Anglo-Saxons arrive?' 

1) Read through the information on the link 'When did the Anglo-Saxons come to Britain

2) Watch the video clip about The arrival of the Anglo-Saxons 

3) Have a go at creating a time line (you can make your own/cut and stick the dates given) 

It can be a drawn line with dates, it can be arty, it can have bright colours, it could be done on the computer! 

Timeline examples


Well I need some help to prepare for a lesson on Friday... 


For this you will need a tea bag and some paper (no we will not be making a treasure map... But you could for fun laugh


Watch the video below to help you. 

DIY: Tea Dyed Paper

This is a video showing how to tea dye paper, you'll need this on Friday for part of our learning!
Have fun and try not to make too much mess!

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