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Good Morning Year 1!laugh


I am pleased to say you've made it to FRIDAY! Do you know how amazing you are? You have made it to the end of your Sixth week of home learning...Well done! laughYou are certainly a class of resilient rangers, preserving when things got tough...And look you've made it to the end of the first half of the Spring term! Amazing! After today it's time for a weeks rest to relax and recharge...We can do this!yes


Grown-ups, a big well done to you as well! laugh I know at times it may not have been easy but from the emails and SEESAW updates I've received, you are doing amazing! Thank you for supporting your children the way you have been and thank you for supporting me to support your children. Together we can do this! Team work makes the dream work! we couldn't do it without you!yes


Whilst on our week rest, I will not be checking SEESAW so if you do post after 7pm tonight it will not be looked at until after the week break. I will have my emails on, but please only contact me in an emergency as unless it is an emergency I will not reply after 7pm tonight.





Today we are going to be revisng and remembering the sounds we have learnt this week, we will also be looking at our Phase 3 and 4 flashcards too! Enjoy! laugh

Phonics with Miss Martin and George



In English today we are going to be finishing our week of looking transport poetry by looking at some poems by a man called Pie Corbett. Pie Corbett is an English educational trainer, writer, author and poet who has written more than two hundred books. Today we are going to look specifically at four of his poems all about bicycles and cars, two of the transport modes we have looked at this term. Below is a video of Miss Martin reading the four poems and explaining your task for today. The poems are also attached as a document below so you can read them yourself and have them in front of you to help with the task.

Pie Corbett poems read by Miss Martin



Before we begin today's lesson, we are going to have a flashback Friday to keep some of the skills we learnt in the Autumn term fresh in our brains. Click on the link below to go to the form. Remember to put your name so Miss Martin knows who has done the work.

BLUE WORK - back 1 step challenge

GREEN WORK - regular challenge

PURPLE WORK - forward 1 step challenge

These levels of differentiation, for some pieces of learning, will ensure that your child can access teaching and learning that is pitched correctly for them. If you are not sure which colour to do then please email Miss Martin to check.



Today we are going to have a yoga session in PE all about FROZEN. Miss Martin thought you might like this one because this week it has been a bit chilly and snowy. 


Today we will be going on an epic yoga adventure inspired by Disney's Frozen!laugh



On a Friday afternoon in Year 1 we have GOLDEN TIME! laugh


I think you will agree with me when I say that this week has been very different to the normal weeks at school, but more than ever I think you have deserved your golden time. Play, be creative, make things, dress up, tell jokes and let your imagination run wild.


Don't forget to send Miss Martin your pictures or videos on SEESAW! yes


► STORY TIME! laugh

the old red tractor read by Miss Martin and George

I really hope you have been enjoying the stories this week with Miss Martin and George, but please remember to keep reading to your grown-ups at home. Remember to record all your fantastic reading in your yellow reading diaries so Miss Martin can see when we come back to school and maybe if you have read enough you will get a reading certificate! You could even send Miss Martin a video of you reading your book or some pictures of you reading as she would love to see! laugh


If you would like to change your school reading books, please email Miss Martin and we can arrange a day and time that is suitable to come and drop your old books off and to collect some new ones. Alternatively, please remember you can go to Oxford Owl and read lots of great books on there for free! You can log in by : 

username  : best

password : class

Click here to take you to the website : Oxford Owl for School and Home


Or alternatively you can read some phonetically decodable comics online.These can be found at Decodable comics ( 


Happy reading! yes



Enjoy your half term break Year 1, you have definitely earnt it! laugh Hopefully the sun will be shining for you and you can have lots of fun outside in the fresh air and enjoying time with your families. I will be back on Monday the 22nd of February with more learning for you! Stay safe and stay healthy!laugh


Have a super break! yes

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